White Paper

Targeting the Lifestyle Needs of Millennials During Benefits Enrollment

Based on a State of the Workplace report by benefitexpress, millennials — which make up the majority of the workforce today — chose healthcare as the most important employer benefit.

However, they have fundamentally different expectations than their baby boomer coworkers. For example, millennials’ health insurance concerns are mainly financial, compared to boomers’ whose top healthcare questions focus on treatments and rising healthcare risks.

But financial and health priorities are not the only differences to be aware of. To implement a successful and engaging benefits program, strategies must also consider the preferred means of benefits enrollment for millennials.

Download this white paper and learn how to design a benefits enrollment strategy that provides an intuitive, personalized experience regarding the lifestyle needs of millennials and benefit enrollment.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding millennial perspectives
  • How to build a modern benefits enrollment strategy that targets the lifestyle needs of millennials

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