Integrated Library

Integrate Your Wellness Components

benefitexpress supports wellness programs that rely on education, communication, and reimbursements. Two components are integrated for seamless delivery to employees. We have interactive tools, such as videos, Benefit Assistants, calculators, and an extensive library of resources, as well as reimbursement administration for wellness benefits and credits.

Wellness Discount Tag

Increase Participation with Discounts

An easy, online approach to communicate discounts available to employees that support increased participation in the wellness programs.

Wellness Benefit Credit

Benefit Credits

Automated benefit credits administration identifies, calculates, and reports all types of benefit credits. These often include one or more of the following - credit for waiving one or more than one benefit program, credit for completing corporate-sponsored wellness initiative(s), and/or automated export of appropriate information to vendors based on completed wellness initiative(s).

Wellness Information Exhange

Easy Information Exchange

Automated exchange of information with a wellness vendor to identify employees that have completed a Health Risk Assessment, or who have completed other corporate wellness initiatives where there are multiple programs in place (e.g. education, cholesterol testing, or health risk assessment completion).

Wellness Automation

Automated, Online Subsidies

Subsidies are automated online to capture all information needed for employees who wish to take advantage of company-subsidized programs. These often include - Weight Watchers, health clubs, exercise classes, and/or hospital community education programs.

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"At Atlas Copco North America LLC, we have complexity in our data - with multiple legal entities and over 30 pay schedules. The benefitexpress team has managed this well for years."

Beth Woods Manager, HR Service Center


"It's simplicity. Of all benefit enrollment / admin systems I have ever seen and/or used benefitexpress is THE MOST USER FRIENDLY!!"

Vice President


"benefitexpress provides good customer service. I am comfortable that my employee's issues will be resolved when I refer them to benefitexpress."

HR Manager

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