Merge Divisions in ACAManager

Sometimes we have groups that have multiple EINs entered for the different company divisions that need to be merged for ACA e-filing.

Below are the steps to follow to merge these groups.

  • Make sure all refreshes of eligibility have been finished and all divisions names/contacts/addresses/etc. are showing as expected. 
  • Enter the Legal Name associated with the EIN of the divisions you will be merging.
  • Select one of the divisions from the drop-down.
  • Click the checkbox for all the other divisions with the same EIN.
    DO NOT click the checkbox for the division you selected from the drop-down.


  • Click “Next”.
  • Go to the Company Information page and click the “Refresh Codes” button.



Note: Do NOT click “Refresh All”.

If you find that you must also import codes for a group that has merged divisions, your codes import will need to match the NEW division id: 

Division 1 – selected from dropdown
Division 2 – merged into Division 1
Division 3 – selected from dropdown & EIN matches Parent Company
Division 4 – merged into Division 3

John – Division 1 – Division ID doesn’t change
Stacy – Division 2 – use ID for Division 1
Sarah – Division 3 – Division 0
Kyle – Division 4 – Division 0

This is the best way to ensure every EE gets the correct Legal Company Name and EIN on their 1095 form and that the 1094 is also correct.

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