Master Open Enrollment

 Mission 1: Open Enrollment Decisions

  • Are you updating, adding, or changing existing benefits?
  • Will this Open Enrollment be:
    • ACTIVE? (All employees are required to login and make changes otherwise coverage is lost)
    • PASSIVE? (Only employees who want to make changes need to login and all other coverages - with exception to flex plans - will be carried over to the new plan year)
  • Complete the EDI Rollover Form located here.
  • Reach out to your dedicated CRM to review any updates/additions/changes.

Our EDI feed modification timeline is 30 days from receipt of all carrier documentation/information needed to update the current feed. While development of new EDI feed is 60 days from receipt of all carrier documentation/information.

Mission 2: Review your Life and Disability Plan Setups

  • Do you understand the various options when building Life plans?
  • Does your Life plan(s) offer:
    • A Flat Amount?
    • X-Times Increments?
  • What about Disability plans?
  • You can review our Best Practices for these plans here.

Mission 3: Integrations

Request your Project Authorization NOW for any new integrations or any existing integrations that need to be rolled over.

Mission 4: Update your Life Events

In our bug fix to the Qualifying Life Events section, we set events to 0 so that our update would not adversely affect any employees in the middle of an enrollment and allow for you to determine whether they are eligible or not.

  • Update the retro and future dates of your Qualifying Life Events
  • Review any pending employee Life Events and approve/deny as necessary

Mission 5: Review Our Video Library

  • Did you know we have a series of videos to help you improve how you use the system?
  • Check them out right here!
  • We have recently added new videos and bet the most helpful for you this week would be the "Rollover Training" one (hint: it's the third one down). Keep rolling, rolling, rolling those plans!