COBRA Election

  1. Login to benefitsCONNECT®.
  2. Click on Company Administration.
  3. Click on Edit Company.
  4. Select the company by clicking on the name.
  5. Click on Employee Administration.
  6. Click Edit Employee.
  1. SEARCH for the employee you would like to change to a COBRA Status.
  2. Highlight the employee name (if more than one employee with the same keyword exists), click SELECT,
  1. Under Personal Information, click on Status.
  1. Change the field, Employee Employment Status is currently, to COBRA.
  2. Change the Employee Termination Type to either Voluntary or Involuntary.
  3. Select a Reason for Status Change.

TIP: If you select Other, you may enter more information in the Other box. You can enter any notes regarding the status change in the Status Change Notes box.

  1. Enter the Status Change Effective Date (this is the start date of the COBRA continuation). Click SAVE.
  1. The system will now navigate you to the Employee Administration page. From there, select Benefits Plan Information, then Benefit Plan Enrollment to elect the COBRA benefits.
  1. On the Benefit Plan Enrollment screen, you will see a gray box to the right of the Benefit Plans.
  1. Select the link for the Benefit Plan(s) the employee has chosen for COBRA coverage, elect their chosen plan and click SAVE.

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