Batch Printing 1095s

Review this guide for a quick-reference on how to print 1095 forms in batches.

Step 1

Under Forms & Reports tab, select Employee IRS Report List. The broker and group will need to review the forms before printing.

Step 2

Click the Report button to view a single employee’s Report or the Edit if changes need to be made.

Step 3

Once they have reviewed their reports and feel comfortable with them, click Forms & Reporting, select Employee Forms Download. Enter your email address, check all divisions, and click Create Reports.

Step 4

Check all Divisions necessary, click Download Reports.

Step 5

Depending on your browser, the files will download to your browser. Click the folder and Extract All the files.

Step 6

You will be asked to choose your destination folder, click Extract.

Step 7

Go to destination folder that was just saved, Select All forms and right click. Select Combine files in Acrobat.

Step 8

You also have the option to select up to 15 forms at a time when you click Print

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