Show your employees
what you've invested in them

Did you know employees underestimate their benefits package by as much as 70%1? Let our custom total compensation statements help you overcome this challenge.


Total reward statements

With the labor market at a competitive-high, many of our clients turn to custom total rewards statements to help improve employee morale and boost retention efforts. By communicating your benefit offerings with your employees, you can demonstrate the investment you've made in them as an individual. Are you ready to get started?

What should be included in total reward statements?

  • Vacation/PTO/sick days/other paid leave 
  • Value of insurance plan premiums (dental, health, vision, STD, LTD)
  • Retirement fund contributions (401(k), 403(b), pension plans) 
  • Reimbursement Administration such as Flexible Spending Accounts, Heath Spending Accounts, etc. 
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Other "perks" (cell phone, tuition assistance, company car, discount programs, gym memberships, child care, etc.)  



Best practices for creating powerful total rewards statements

  • Sharpen your sales skills
    Think of it as 'selling' your company to your current employees. The statement should provide them a list of perks and values that ensure happy and motivated employees.
  • Use personalization
    Think of your total rewards statement as a shortened version of your benefits guide and an opportunity to personalize and share a story. Using employee details such as names, job titles, etc. throughout the statement makes employees feel valued and important (it's the little things in life!)  
  • Make it visual
    Incorporating charts and graphs to make your total rewards statement visually appealing helps your employees gain a deeper comprehension of their benefit offerings. 
  • Ensure deliverability
    Whether your employees enjoy printed, emailed or online statementsit's important to recognize your employees preferences and select a delivery method that makes the most sense for your organization.

Communicating total rewards with your employees provides a comprehensive understanding of what you have invested in them, but can often be a data-intensive, laborious project. Don't worry—we can help. Download our product sheet to learn more about our total compensation statement services.