Total Compensation Statements

Real-Time, Complete, Insightful

Show Employees the Full Value of Total Compensation

Communicating the value of the total compensation program is vital to engaging and motivating employees. When employees understand the significance of their total compensation package, they are more engaged and loyal to the company. Today’s competition for talent requires clear communication of the employer provided benefits and compensation.

Total Compensation Statement Features:

  • Personalized consolidated summary including employer's share of FICA, Medical/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance, 401(k)/Retirement, and projected pension figures
  • Effective tool for decision-making
  • Easy, online, real-time access
  • Custom website with plan highlights, forms, documents, and vendor links
  • Print version also available

Delivery Options

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You use our technology AND receive our benefit wisdom! We'll work together to ensure a smooth benefit administration & enrollment experience.

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Full Service

The whole kit and caboodle! This is our all-inclusive option, including: technology, our benefit wise project management & support, and Customer Care Center.

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