Total compensation statements

Ideal for employers with more than 1,000 employees, benefitexpress offers two different types of total compensation statements: static and dynamic. Our employee benefits statement software combines data from salary, benefits, pension and/or 401(k) and displays this information in a personalized total rewards statement report.

Solutions include

  • Dynamic online statement
  • A custom online website
  • Total employer contributions
  • Annualized pension figures
  • And so much more!

Additionally, other elements beyond salary and benefits, such as pension and/or 401(k) data, can be displayed for a detailed total compensation report.

A total rewards statement helps you

  • Demonstrate true value
  • Illustrate rising costs
  • Increase goodwill
  • Reduce turnover

With a total rewards statement, you can increase employee satisfaction and loyalty while strengthening your company’s appeal to new candidates. In a tight labor market, that’s exactly the kind of competitive positioning employers need.

total compensation statements


Delivery options


  • Total employer contributions
    Personalize, consolidated summary including employer's share of FICA, Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, 401(k)/Retirement, and projected pension figures
  • Custom website
    Featuring plan highlights, forms, documents, and vendor links
  • Single web page format
    Keep the focus on the value of each employees total rewards statement

Delivery options:

  • Dynamic (on-going)
    Integrated with our benefits administration technology, our dynamic total compensation statements display current elections and benefit information for employees electronically. On demand with real-time updates that employees can access any time, anywhere
  • Static (one-time)
    Our static total compensation statements are printed and mailed to employee homes on behalf of the employer on an annual basis

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