COBRA: What Employers Need to Know

Webinar | Tuesday, April 16 | 1pm Central

Join us for a webinar discussing all things COBRA. If you're an employer covered by the COBRA laws, you'll want to arm yourself with the basics. For example: who's eligible, which benefits are covered and what triggers coverage. This webinar will discuss that and more, including common issues that employers face when providing COBRA to former employees.

Facilitated by ERISA attorney Larry Grudzien, our key takeaways regarding COBRA will be:

  • Benefits Subject to COBRA
  • Eligibility and Coverage
  • Premium Amounts
  • Mergers Acquisitions
  • Medicare
  • Health FSAs
  • HRAs
  • Dropping COBRA Coverage
  • Common COBRA Mistakes

While COBRA can be handled by the employer or a third party benefits administration provider, it's still the responsibility of the employer to comply with the law. Register for our webinar to make sure you're in the know about providing COBRA to former employees.

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