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    Multi-Generational Benefit Offerings

    Benefit advisers and human resources professionals have a lot to consider when it comes to marrying technology to modern employee expectations on behalf of their clients or employees.


    The State of the Workplace

    The State of the Workplace is not your basic e-book for employee engagement, product trends, and the low-down on millennials. It's a one-of-a-kind, detailed look at the four generations impacting today's workforce.


    Millennial Employee Benefits Guide

    Here is the e-book millennial employees have been waiting for — a fresh, tangible, and easy read on the wide world of benefits. Share this e-book with your millennial employees and empower them to devise a solid health and financial strategy.


    Millennials and Benefit Enrollment | benefitexpress

    What You Need to Knows About Millennials and Benefit Enrollment

    Based on a State of the Workplace report by benefitexpress, millennials — which make up the majority of the workforce today — chose healthcare as the most important employer benefit; however, they have fundamentally different expectations than their baby boomer coworkers. For example, millennials’ health insurance concerns are mainly financial, compared to boomers’ whose top healthcare questions focus on treatments and rising healthcare risks.