Are Your Employees Getting the Best Bang for Their Benefit Dollars?

    Employees now have more benefit opportunities at their fingertips than ever before. While that’s great news, it creates a big challenge for HR professionals: How do you educate and guide employees to make the best decisions for their unique life situations?


    Multi-Generational Benefit Offerings | benefitexpress

    Multi-Generational Benefit Offerings

    Benefit advisers and human resources professionals have a lot to consider when it comes to marrying technology to modern employee expectations on behalf of their clients or employees.


    How Benefits Technology Is Reshaping Employees' Buying Decisions

    Michael Sternklar, CEO of benefitexpress, addresses how benefits technology is changing the game by alleviating consumer challenges and offering employers customizable solutions.


    Use Decision Support Tools - Improve Employee Satisfaction

    The open enrollment process can be confusing, and oftentimes employees select the lowest cost plan with the highest deductible thinking they’re going to save money on their health benefits.


    The M&A Boom: How Technology Helps to Harmonize

    2018 is poised to be another big year for mergers and acquisitions across industries. Nestle just picked Ferrero to buy its U.S. confection business, Lennar recently merged with CalAtlantic to create the country's largest home builder and CVS just acquired Aetna for $69 billion. The sizes and shapes of these organizations greatly varies, but the challenge for many human resource professionals will remain the same: After the dust of the M&A settles, how do we effectively consolidate disparate benefit management processes while maintaining a consistent, effortless experience for employees?