Put Your Benefits Offerings To Work - HR White Paper | benefitexpress

    With 95% of HR professionals stating healthcare is the most important benefit they can offer employees, the journey to improving employee — and ultimately patient — satisfaction can start with ensuring each employee has a positive experience when enrolling for their healthcare benefits. This includes everything from customized health plans to using the right technology to ease the burden of open enrollment.

    But is your organization poised to make the most of this opportunity?


    How to Change Benefits Administration Platforms | benefitexpress

    Are you running into limitations with your current benefits administration platform and partner? Perhaps the solution is inflexible and customization means hurdles, tickets or worse.

    Maybe you've found that the user experience is cumbersome and the ability to integrate benefits technology with other HR systems is not there. Does it lack employee education features such as decision support functionality to help your employees make informed benefits decisions? Or, more importantly — is the client service and human reliability team adding work to your plate — instead of removing it?


    Product Sheet | Benefits Administration Solutions

    My Benefit Express™ is a customizable, responsive and cloud-based benefits administration platform. Provide your employees with the benefits experience they want with streamlined enrollments at anytime, with any device.


    Are Your Employees Getting the Best Bang for Their Benefit Dollars?

    Employees now have more benefit opportunities at their fingertips than ever before. While that’s great news, it creates a big challenge for HR professionals: How do you educate and guide employees to make the best decisions for their unique life situations?


    Multi-Generational Benefit Offerings | benefitexpress

    Multi-Generational Benefit Offerings

    Benefit advisers and human resources professionals have a lot to consider when it comes to marrying technology to modern employee expectations on behalf of their clients or employees.


    How Benefits Technology Is Reshaping Employees' Buying Decisions

    Michael Sternklar, CEO of benefitexpress, addresses how benefits technology is changing the game by alleviating consumer challenges and offering employers customizable solutions.


    The State of the Workplace

    The State of the Workplace is not your basic e-book for employee engagement, product trends, and the low-down on millennials. It's a one-of-a-kind, detailed look at the four generations impacting today's workforce.


    Annual Enrollment | benefitexpress

    Annual Enrollment Guide

    Everything is possible with planning – especially for HR pros navigating annual enrollment. To help, benefitexpress offers a simple guide to assist with planning a successful open enrollment season. It's designed specifically to help alleviate communication headaches associated with the process, and learn how to effectively communicate plan options through tools such as education and decision support.


    Targeting the Lifestyle Needs of Millennials During Benefits Enrollment

    Based on a State of the Workplace report by benefitexpress, millennials — which make up the majority of the workforce today — chose healthcare as the most important employer benefit; however, they have fundamentally different expectations than their baby boomer coworkers. For example, millennials’ health insurance concerns are mainly financial, compared to boomers’ whose top healthcare questions focus on treatments and rising healthcare risks.


    Use Decision Support Tools - Improve Employee Satisfaction

    The open enrollment process can be confusing, and oftentimes employees select the lowest cost plan with the highest deductible thinking they’re going to save money on their health benefits.