How to Tackle Common Health and Welfare Questions

Webinar | Tuesday, June 18 | 1pm Central

In today's multi-generational workforce, health and wellness benefits are weighted equally with salary expectations. This is why it's important for small and large businesses alike to embrace health and wellness benefits to recruit top talent as well as retain valued employees.

While offering these benefits has been shown to improve employee engagement and productivity, it comes with some challenges. This webinar will review common questions human resources professionals confront in offering health and welfare benefits to employees.

Facilitated by ERISA attorney Larry Grudzien, this webinar will cover the following: 

  • Questions Surrounding Tax
  • Reporting Disclosures
  • Workers Compensation
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Benefits are a critical piece of an employee compensation package, with health care benefits reigning most important. Whether you're already offering these benefits or considering adding them to your benefits offerings, register for our webinar to learn more and remain competitive in the talent marketplace. 

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