Switching Benefits Administration Providers: Strategies and Steps for Success


A better path to benefits administration starts now

We've said it before - finding a benefits administration provider is a journey, not a destination - and it's true! Finding the right benefits administration partner doesn't happen overnight, and it's natural to have concerns about making a big change, particularly if you haven't done so recently - or ever.

All you have to do is take the first step

But switching benefit administration providers isn't as daunting as it may appear. Especially when you select a partner that not only works for you, but with you.

After downloading our e-book, you'll find that changing providers and transitioning to a new platform can be a straightforward and low-stress three-step process.

E-book takeaways include:

  • Detailed three-step guide for a seamless transition from one platform to another
  • How to form a team and develop selection criteria for vendor assessments
  • What to look for when it comes to finding a benefits administration platform partner
  • Understanding what a strong implementation process entails and how to execute one

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