Webinar for Plan Sponsors: Medicare & Employer Health Coverage - a Coordination Conversation

Thursday, February 27 at 1PM CT

Let's talk Medicare and Employer Health Coverage. 

Baby Boomers, AKA, individuals born between 1946 and and 1964, continue to make up a large portion of today's workforce. In fact, Americans 55 and over made up about half of all employment gains in 2018, with adults age 65 and older being twice as likely to work today compared with 1985. Even the prior generation (born prior to 1945) still makes up a small percentage of American workers. This is due in part to the fact that people are living longer, working longer and/or leaving the workforce only to return years later. 

Webinar Overview

While the younger end of the Boomer spectrum still has a few years before qualifying for Medicare, many American workers have already entered or surpassed it - meaning plan sponsors, benefits administrators, and human resources professionals need to be in-the-know on how Medicare coordinates with other types of health coverage.  

The rules on coordinating Medicare and employer coverage can be complex. How it complements other programs (such as COBRA, HSAs and the ACA) are also areas of question for both employees and their employers. 

Part of our ERISA Compliance Series, this webinar is hosted by ERISA Attorney Larry Grudzien and moderated by chief marketing officer Julia Goebel. This webinar will discuss coordinating Medicare with employer coverage, and includes live Q&A throughout the session. 

Key discussing points include:

  • The rules on coordinating Medicare and employer coverage
  • Medicare special enrollment period (SEP) 
  • Retiree Coverage, ACA and Medicare
  • Medicare Part D, COBRA and HSAs
  • When job-based insurance is primary or secondary 
  • And more

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