DFWBGH & TBGH 15th Annual Benefits Forum

Thanks for stopping by the Benefitexpress booth to learn more about our crystal clear vision for enrollment technology in 2020. Our benefit-wise, Texas-based team is happy to meet you!

Isn't it time you enjoyed a better full-outsourcing benefits experience? 

Born from benefits experts, Benefitexpress is the benefits administration technology and service provider of choice for enterprise companies and insurance professionals. 

We deliver:

  • High-quality, client-focused, streamlined benefits administration
  • Intuitive and personalized user experiences, improving employee engagement and understanding of benefits offerings
  • A flexible platform that accommodates growth and transformation, allowing you to minimize change order expense
  • Administrative services that can integrate with our core platform or be purchased a la carte.

We provide:

  • A highly configurable enrollment system that automates complex processes
  • An error-free flow of information into and out of the platform
  • Cost-effective, quick changes to be made as often as your needs evolve
  • Experienced customer care center staff to aid employees via phone call, email or live chat

We relieve the complexity of benefits administration so that you can focus on higher-level strategy and change in your organization. Our technology and delivery model is built to serve as an extension of your benefits department. In fact, most clients can't imagine a world without Benefitexpress.