ACAManager Release Notes | 12.13.2017

Posted on December 13, 2017

At last, we've created a way to update the codes for more than one employee at a time! If it hasn't happened to you personally, you probably know someone that has had to spend extra hours in the office updating codes one employee at a time. Whether by manipulating the PDF itself or using the Edit feature. Hopefully this import will save you some precious time that could be better spent shopping!

While you will still need to enter all of the expected codes for an employee and those codes will still have to comply with how ACAManager interprets the rules for the codes (such as "If Line 14 has 1A then Line 15 must be left blank", etc.), you can import large groups of employees at once.

It is important to note!

  1. Any employee whose codes you would like to import must already exist in the system and already have a form being generated. If you know for sure that your employee does not exist yet, for whatever reason, you can upload them using the Upload Employee Information page and make sure to set them with a FT status effective in your desired reporting year.

  2. The tab on your upload must match the sample exactly. It cannot be: Sheet1. It must be: AcaCodesImport.

  3. The name fields are not required, they are there for your convenience.

Checking It Twice

Employee Profile Page – We added a dash of cinnamon to the employee profile! If you can call the "Hourly Rate" of an employee "cinnamon", that is (which we just did). As a way to take the page up just one more notch and make calculating whether the particular employee you're looking at is being offered a rate that is less than 9.69% of their monthly income or not. If you happen to see a zero for the Hourly rate, but you see a Salary it could mean one of two things:

  1. You have not yet refreshed eligibility since we made this change.
  2. You've had too much egg nog and should switch to hot cocoa.

Printable Employee Forms – When generating forms recently, have you felt like the employee forms got lost on their way from the North Pole? We have been working with the reindeer to increase their travel times! The best way for us to make these forms fly faster was to loosen the reigns and that meant removing the Employee Forms Control List from the Download itself. Apparently, not everyone was using this list nor checking it twice! So it has packed its bags and is heading for Costa Rica. After the vacation is over it will be back upon request (meaning there will be a button you can use to generate the list or you can leave the list making up to the jolly man in the big red suit).


We Found Who's Naughty

This bug is getting coal – If you have downloaded employee forms from our system lately, you might have noticed that the names of the files are starting with first names instead of last names, instead of Cratchit, Marley, and then Scrooge, you might've seen Bob, Ebeneezer, and Jacob. Luckily, the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future wasted no time in putting things right!

This bug is gettin' nothin' for Christmas – This bug didn't understand the idea of cleaning up for company. Instead of throwing out old stuff, it was quite the hoarder. When forms were generated for a division (or some other sort of grouping), if something that was part of the name of the forms in the download file had changed (like the employee's name or maybe the division name) you would find yourself with two forms for the same person. What is supposed to happen is that all the old forms get tossed into the recycling and new forms with their new names are served. No one needs to think they're seeing double! We already told you to put down that egg nog and switch to hot cocoa!

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