bCEnroll Release Notes | 9.6.2017

Posted on September 6, 2017

Do you sometimes forget where these nifty notes are? Does the email with the new link get buried under all the other more pressing emails? Do you find yourself digging for an email with ANY link to the release notes so you can see why things are different?


We have added a link to this site directly into bCEnroll! It is ready and waiting for you to click it when you need it most: when using bCEnroll!


We Made Things Shiny

We are constantly working to improve the user experience and bridge any feature gaps between the benefitsCONNECT system and bCEnroll.

 What a Fine Lookin’ Interface

  1. Matching AD&D Contingent Elections – When making a Life election over $250,000, the matching AD&D election now reflects accordingly instead of defaulting to incremented increase options.
  2. Voluntary Life 2nd Year Increases – This update ensures that when increasing coverage during Open Enrollment, the lesser value of "Maximum Value" vs "X time salary" is applied. For more details on how to best setup Life plans, click here.

There was a Bug - - and we squashed it

Fixed: Qualifying Events with Contingent plans now show a warning message when the initial plan is changed advising the employee they they will need to update their contingent plans based on their new elections.

Fixed: When an employee was allowed to increase their existing coverage that exceeds the Guaranteed Issue Amount and not be required to complete EOI, the system was still requiring EOI regardless of the plan setup. We have fixed this so, when the plan rules allow it, an employee can increase their coverage amount over the GI whether up to the total coverage amount, a single increment, or another set amount without completing EOI.

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