bCEnroll Release Notes | 8.23.2017

Posted on August 23, 2017

We made things shiny! We are constantly working to improve the user experience and bridge any feature gaps between the benefitsCONNECT system and bCEnroll.

 What a Fine Lookin’ Interface

  1. Demographic Eligibility Rule – The option to use “Officer Status” as a demographic eligibility rule is now available in bCEnroll.
  2. Alternate Rehire Waiting Period – This is separate from a New Hire waiting period. Typically, it is a reduced waiting period for those employees that have been rehired within a specific time period (such as 14 or 30 days) after their termination.
  3. Age Rate Calculation – When building age-rated plans and setting the "Calculate Plan Costs on" field, there are varying options to choose from and not all of the options were available in bCEnroll. With this release, we have added "Age/Years of Service at December 31st of Current Year" option to the bCEnroll experience.


There was a Bug - - and we squashed it

Fixed: The "thumbs up" that indicates the best plan for an employee, based on their answers to the Decision Engine, had disappeared and it is back now!

Fixed: The Qualifying Event Configuration on the Administrative side now resets when toggling between the different events to allow for a more precise event setup.

Fixed: The Consolidated Enrollment Form was was showing both previous and new elections (and their associated costs) for employees enrolled in a Texas Life product and made a change during Open Enrollment. The CEF now only shows the new election and its associated cost.

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