bCEnroll Release Notes | 7.20.2017

Posted on July 20, 2017

Employee Security Lockout Policy: We have enhanced the security lockout threshold in bCEnroll; it now has two layers of security. First, it will deploy a temporary lockout of an employee user account after 3 invalid or failed logon attempts within a 15-minute time span. The account will auto-unlock after 30 minutes or it can be manually unlocked by an administrator. Second, if there are two consecutive lockouts triggered, an administrative lock-out will be placed on the account and only an administrator may lift it.

It is important to note that administrators entering incorrect passwords will see the same error messages as employees, but will not be locked out.


There was a Bug - - and we squashed it

Fixed: Some users noted that the Guaranteed Issue amount was not being applied to the QLE field for the Qualifying Life Event Guarantee. This has been fixed and Life, Disability and Dependent Life should show on the Modified Guaranteed Issue section now.

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