bCEnroll Release Notes | 7.14.2017

Posted on July 14, 2017

Check out the new improvements made to the single sign on feature and home icon!

  1. Single Sign-On Integration – This new feature allows for quick and easy movement between the employer’s payroll/onboarding vendor and bCEnroll. With this function a user can access bCEnroll from their payroll module without having to complete a separate sign in. bCEnroll determines landing page by identifying the type of access the user has.
    • Employees will be taken to the branded employee welcome page
    • HR Admin will be directed to the company admin page
    • Broker Admin will be shown to the broker admin page
  2. Home Icon – The new Home icon will return employees back to the payroll/onboarding vendors site when selected. When the user is redirected “Home”, the system will automatically log the user out of the bCEnroll session.


Ask your payroll vendor how bCEnroll can integrate with them to create a fluid user experience for you and your clients!

We made things Shiny

We have included some enhancements to our bCEdge and API Integrations which will help improve user functionality and security.

 What a Fine Lookin’ Interface

  1. New Data Fields in Employee History – Help keep track of employee records changes with the additional change date tracking for three new data fields; DateCOBRA, DateRetired & DateFMLA
  2. Visa Number - You can now use a Visa number as an identifier for username and password generation when a SSN doesn’t exist.
  3. Employer Username Import – The census import function has been updated to allow users to load updates to an employee’s username when importing a census.
  4. Visibility of Setup IDs – Pages for Division, Category & Payroll Schedules within bCEnroll will now display their corresponding setup IDs – this is for all bCEnroll users and not exclusive to bCEdge or other API Integrations.

 We ♥ Security Enhancements

Password Change Policy – In this release we have updated the Password Change Policy to require users to include their current password to create a new password.

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