bCEnroll Release Notes | 6.28.2017

Posted on June 28, 2017

This bCEnroll release features enhancements to the Life Events page and functionality. The enhancements include the ability to add single Life Events instead of requiring all Life Events be activated at once.

If no Life Events have been created in bCEnroll, then an employee would see the following upon clicking on the Life Events tab

As each Life Event is created in bCEnroll, its corresponding graphic will appear. So if only two Life Events have been created for a company, then only two of the available graphics will be visible.


Bug Fixes

 Spanish Translation

It was noted that the Translation for Spanish was not processing on certain pages or for certain areas within the system despite being added to the Translated Text section.

We have corrected this bug in the following areas:
• Company Communication Page
• Life Events Pages

It is important to note that when adding/updating translations for these particular pages, it is not necessary to include the final punctuation for whatever text you’re updating.
For example, if you are translating “See below:” you would only need to enter the words “See below” into the Original Text section and “Vea abajo” in the Translated text section and it would reflect as “Vea abajo:” once translated.

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