ACAManager Release Notes | 11.29.2017

Posted on November 29, 2017

You'll fa-la-la-la-LOVE these system updates! Continue reading to view the latest and greatest updates regarding Employee Profile Search, 1094 Preview and Employee Name Change.

1. Employee Profile Search – You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen... But did you know that Dasher has a son also named Dasher? And the only way to tell their Employee Profiles apart is by looking at their Social Security Number so we added an SSN column to the Employee Profile search results. Now you can be sure you're looking at the correct profile and employee history.

2. 1094 Preview – After your eyes are starting to glaze over from reviewing all the 1095 employee forms and you're ready to just be done with this ACA reporting business you may forget to review your 1094 form prior to clicking that you're ready to e-file. You may feel ready, but you might have forgotten to actually review the 1094 form. Did you offer MEC benefits all 12 months? Is that box checked? Maybe there's a rogue employee or two throwing off your percentage and MEC is NOT checked and you are setting yourself up for some hefty penalties. As an added measure to help you feel ready, we added a preview of your 1094 form just below the e-file checkbox. It's the same for available for you to download and review, we just thought it would help to see it before you say "Yes! E-file away!" and the system locked down.

3. Employee Name Change – Remember that time you submitted a 1095 for your employee, "Santa Claus" and the IRS said the SSN and name did not match their records? Upon further investigation, you realized your employee's name on his Social Security card is actually "Kris Kringle". Instead of changing his name in the enrollment system and risk messing everything else up, you opted for just uploading the change directly into ACAManager. Of course, up until now, the only way to confirm the name change worked was to download the form again. Since you probably want both names still around, the old name will be just about everywhere, but you can confirm the name change on the Employee Profile page. Yes, this was a lot and doesn't really make sense right now. When it happens, you'll see it and remember this moment, until then: Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling, too.


Tinsel in a Tangle

FIXED: Employee Forms Download – When downloading your different types of forms and settings, if you had less than 10 forms, you would not receive an Employee Forms Control List. But now you get a list even if you only download one form. You might've felt fine creating your own list for less than 10 forms, but that's what we're here for so we'll make the list, you check it twice!

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