ACAManager Release Notes | 11.15.2017

Posted on November 15, 2017

You already know you can download individual employee 1095 forms using the Employee IRS Report List. And you can generate and download forms for your entire company by Division using the "Printable Employee Forms" page (previously known as the Employee Forms Download page).

But the Download Employee Forms page is the gravy for which you have been waiting.

Similar to the Printable Employee Forms page, you have the option to Mask or Unmask the SSN.

But instead of generating forms for the entire company, you get to choose from a cornucopia of settings so that you only download exactly what you want to see. No more. No less.

Do you only want to download the COBRA employees? You can do it.

Maybe only the COBRA employees for a specific division? You can do it.

Do you want to download only those employees that did NOT consent to receive their forms electronically? Go right ahead.

You can carve out as many variations as you'd like.

These forms are just as ready to be printed and distributed to your employees as the "Printable Employee Forms" or the peas and carrots around the dinner table. However, just as you can only serve yourself one side at a time to fill your plate, you can only download one of these sets at a time so we recommend you keep notes on which combinations you have and have not generated.


All About That Baste!

Feast your eyes on these system updates!

  1. 1094 and 1095 Forms – The 2017 1094 and 1094 forms are now available! You likely have already been reviewing your codes and were only slightly tense about the fact that you were reviewing codes for 2017 on forms that said 2016. Now you can sip some hot cider and relax as you review codes and forms that are all 2017.

  2. Divisions and Employee Classes – We made it easier to find the ID for the specific Division or Class you are looking for by changing the sort order to alphabetically instead of by Division/Class ID. If you have three divisions, this might make you laugh. If you have 50, this might make you cry tears of joy.

We Snapped These Wishbones

Snap: Uploading Employee Information - Incorrect Codes were being generated if an employee was uploaded as going from Full Time Status directly to COBRA status without including a Termination date. While, technically, this would be an example of bad data, the bad data was common enough that we updated how ACAManager looks at this scenario to act as a safety net.

Crackle: Standalone - Full Time to Part Time employee codes. If an employee moves from Full Time to Part Time and their full time coverage ends at the end of the month, ACAManager was generating a 1H/2B because the employee was not full time for the entire month; however, the enrollment code of 2C supersedes the 1H/2B and the scenario really should be treated similarly to if an employee was terminating and coverage terminated at the end of the month.

Pop: There was a typo. It was embarrassing. It's gone now. Would you like another slice of pie?

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