bCEnroll Release Notes | 11.1.2017

Posted on November 1, 2017

The bases are loaded ... benefitexpress has made some exciting enhancements to the bCEnroll platform, and we knocked it out of the park!

  1. Country Codes – If you'll recall, we recently added the country codes of USA, CAN, and MEX to our upload and profile drop-downs. But what if you had employees scouting for new talent in Cuba? If you had entered "Cuba" as their country on the upload instead of USA then they will see Cuba in the drop-down list on their employee profile page.

  2. Custom Yes/No Plans – You can now add up to 9 Custom Yes/No plans instead of only 5! An entire team! You're ready for the majors!

  3. Qualifying Life Events – If you're employee missed the ball and never clicked "Finish" after making their Qualifying Life Event elections, but the window has now closed, their only option is to click cancel. However, they let you know they WERE finished. We added a "Finish" button to the Administrative side so the life event does not get stuck in the bullpen indefinitely. Similarly, if the employee had one or two little changes to make, we gave you the ability to open the life event back up and give them another chance at bat.


These bugs are out of there!

Out! If an employee began their enrollment and added a spouse or child as a dependent halfway through when also adding the spouse or dependent as a beneficiary, they would not be presented with the appropriate contingent plans (you know, like Voluntary Spouse or Child Life). It was a pop-fly that we caught with ease and now those contingent plans will show how they have no trouble getting on base.

Out! As an employee proceeded through an enrollment and was presented with an opportunity to increase their existing volume plan election, the slide bar was showing the minimum possible election instead of the employees current election. When your employees login they can slide the bar right into home!

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