ACAManager Release Notes | 10.3.2017

Posted on October 3, 2017

In preparation for 2017 ACA reporting, we have been working hard making updates and enhancements to ACAManager.

Downloadable Reports! - Have you ever looked at a Lookback Period report and thought "I wish there was a button I could click to get this into Excel!" Well, wish no more! We are here to make wishes come true! Anywhere there is a report or a list, there is a little "Download" button, your new best friend.

Duplicate EIN Alert - For those groups with multiple EINs under one company and sometimes multiple divisions with the same EIN, we have added an alert to the Dashboard advising that the divisions need to be reviewed and possibly merged. Not only did we add the alert, we took things a step further and added a way for those divisions to be "merged" in ACAManager for reporting purposes!

Selectively Email 1095 Reports - Perhaps there are 3 employees from a certain division with 500 employees that did not consent to receive their 1095 forms electronically. Instead of removing their email addresses from the system or having to jump through other hoops to make sure they don't get the email, we have added check boxes to the Employee IRS Report List so you can email those 1095 forms to the exact employees you want... and skip emailing the ones that prefer paper.

Lock/Unlock Employee Records – Employee records can be locked so that they remain unchanged even if there are changes made for that employee or one of the Refresh buttons is clicked. This feature is currently only available for Standalone groups, but don't worry benefitsCONNECT users! This functionality is coming soon to the ACAManager near you!

We Made Things Shiny

We have added enhancements to some of your favorite ACAManager features.

 What a Fine Lookin’ Interface

  1. Refresh Eligibility – We have added a year drop-down to the Refresh Eligibility function. Simply select which year for which the data should be refreshed. Are you refreshing things that happened during the tax year in preparation for filing or processing corrections? Or are you refreshing for the current year? The choice is yours.
  2. Editable 1095-C Part III – The things you can edit on an employee's 1095-C form have been expanded to include Part III when an employee is enrolled in Self-Insured coverage. You can add or remove coverage months for dependents as needed.
  3. Employee Forms Download – You could always download your forms by division, but that Control list was always a list of ALL them employees, not just the single division and sometimes, that is just TMI. So we reigned it in and updated the Control List so that it only reflects the names of the employees actually downloaded. If you only download one division, you only see the employees in that division. Did you download two divisions, but not all three? Then you're only seeing employees from those two divisions!
  4. Upload Employee Information – There is a new Download button in town! Download a previously uploaded file. Upload the file again. Up, up, down, down... you know the rest. As a reminder, it is not recommended that benefitsCONNECT groups use the Upload Employee Information feature.
  5. Small Group - Employee IRS Report List – For the NON-ALE companies that use ACAManager, the Employee IRS Report List would reflect the Edit button next to all the employees. Clicking the button took you to a note that said "You cannot edit this form". We removed the edit button so that you are no longer wasting your clicks on Edit buttons that don't do anything for you. Your time is worth more than that.

There was a Bug - - and we squashed it

Fixed: You probably noticed that once a company was "locked" for E-Filing the Employee IRS Report List changed and the nifty PDF button next to everyone's name was gone; leaving you with no choice but to download all your forms again when all you wanted was a copy of the form for one employee (ok, maybe two). Anyway, we fixed that! Individual PDFs are now always available.

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