ACAManager Release Notes | 10.25.2017

Posted on October 25, 2017

Fantastic new features made to the Lock/Unlock Employee Records! During the last full moon, we released the Lock/Unlock Employee Records feature ... for Standalone groups only. Today we removed the cloak of invisibility, so if you didn't see this new page before, you should see it now. (Hint: It is at the bottom of the Employee Administration tab.)

With this page, you can battle the powers of the Refresh Eligibility darkness. You can "lock" the employee forms for those whose codes you know to be right and true. And you can Refresh Eligibility and Codes for everyone else.

Division and Class IDs
We have all been there... You're getting ready to upload everything into ACAManager and trying to find that email with the different division IDs that correspond to the division names, it's late, it's been a busy Q4, the lights start flickering and you hear a strange noise... Oh, it's just your stomach. You are hungry like a wolf! You really need to get out of the office... if only you could find that email! You start to reach for your emergency chocolate when you see it! Division and Class IDs have their own pages in ACAManager under the Company Administration tab! You don't need the email! You can update your upload with the IDs visible right from ACAManager. The day is saved! Time to go home and have dinner! Not today, chocolate bar. Not today.

Code Refresh Email
In the highly unlikely event the Code Refresh cannot complete, there is a place to enter your email.
You only get the email if the Code Refresh does not survive the zombie apocalypse. You will NOT get an email when the Code Refresh refreshes successfully. It is only if it can't do it. It is really hard for it to not happen. So if you refreshed hours ago and still aren't seeing updated codes and thing maybe it broke... check your email. If you don't have and you don't get an email that is GOOD news; it means you can get back to work on your super awesome costume idea while ACAManager does the heavy (code) lifting.


It's a Thriller!

We took ACAManager back to our lab to have its bolts tightened.

 Keeping our Ghoulish Figure...

  1. Refresh Eligibility  "Whodunit?" Did your employees get "refreshed" before you had a chance to lock them up? Do you need to know who erased all your hard work? Or maybe you are not sure that you clicked "Refresh Eligibility" or not. While YOU can't get these answers on your own, you can ask us and we can tell you if and when someone did it with our new History section upgrade on our Internal Administration side of things.

  2. Employee Forms Control List  "1, 2... coming for you..." When you download the 1095 forms to print and distribute to your employees, you also get a list of which forms were included in your download. We took that list up a notch and added counts so you can see which employees are being counted towards your 1094 form. There is a grand total at the top that will show the same totals you would see on the 1094 form. At the bottom of the list there is the download totals for the particular division you have downloaded and are reviewing.

  3. Forms & Reports  "A muck, a muck, a muck!" In preparation for a new feature [insert "Jaws" music here], we had to make some changes to our naming conventions and page order:

    • Employer Report & e-File (No change) - Come here to review your 1094 form and submit a final approval for e-Filing.
    • Employee IRS Report List (No change) - This is where you can review individual employee forms and email or edit them as needed
    • Printable Employee Forms (Previously "Employee Forms Download") - Mask/unmask the SSNs on the 1095 forms, download them by division, send them the printer along with the control list
    • Emailed Forms Report (Previously "Employee Forms Download Report) - See which employees were sent their 1095 forms via email and whether they had logged in to download their form or not
    • Employee Corrections (moved down) - Once the IRS has process your e-Filed reports, if there are any employees whose names do not match their SSN, they will be listed here
    • All other reports stayed where and who/what they are

These Monsters were Mashed!

Exorcised: The Dashboard Demon: Hourly employees were being calculated with their annual salaries to determine affordability instead of their hourly rate multiplied by 130 hours and then divided by 9.69%. To make reviewing employees easier, we updated the Salary on the Employee Profile to show their ACA Salary. Employees with a Rate Type of Hourly in bC4 will have an "annual salary" that assumes they only worked 130 hours per month instead of a 40-hour work week which would be a 160-hour month.


Happy Haunting! 

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