bCEnroll Release Notes | 10.20.2017

Posted on October 20, 2017

Enrollment History Report: We've got you covered! We made the employee's Enrollment Coverage History visible in bCEnroll. When you click on the button you are in for a treat! It automatically sets your search parameters to the past year and to NOT show Terminated elections, but you can modify those by clicking the Search button.

New Countries
We have gone international! Our system now supports addresses from Canada and Mexico!
They are available in the Country drop-down on the Employee Profile page. Once you switch countries, the corresponding state (or province - we're looking at you Canada) options will be populated.

Naturally, we also updated how the zip codes work so that if you have a Canadian address you can enter an alpha-numeric zip code. If you're living in Mexico, you can only enter 5 numbers. And if you're living in our wonderful United States of America, you can enter 5 OR 9 digits for your zip code. But if you try to be tricky and enter letters while saying you live in the USA we will shut the door without giving you candy or letting you enter letters.

BONUS: You can upload these countries using the 500, 510, and 520! Simply use their corresponding Country Code:

  • United States = USA
  • Canada = CAN
  • Mexico = MEX
  • Halloweentown = BOO (Just Kidding, don't upload this code, it will turn things into a nightmare!)


It's Alive!

We took bCEnroll back to our lab to have its bolts tightened.

 Keeping our Ghoulish Figure...

  1. Employee IDs – "Who's that man?" As a way to help us help you, we added Employee IDs. You'll see them on the Employee List and just under the employee name when you click the "Login As" button. Employees won't see these numbers when they login, but it will definitely help the rest of us with any troubleshooting! (In case you were wondering, yes, these are the same IDs that are found in bC4.)

  2. Beneficiaries  "Cui bono?" Perhaps your employees have a Trust or Charity setup as the beneficiary of their Life Insurance policy. Perhaps they weren't sure how to enter that information because selecting "Trust" still had the First and Last name fields and no place for a policy number or something. We updated this area so that when an employee selects Estate, Trust, or Charity, the fields shown change dynamically. (You can still change/require/hide these fields on the Default Field Settings page.)

  3. Qualifying Life Events  "Don't look now..." For those employees that do not have dependents and yet have a Qualifying Life Event, they won't see dependent plans anymore. Yeah, they were seeing dependent plans. No, they couldn't enroll in them or anything. The plans were just... there... staring... like a creepy creeper who creeps.


These Ghosts were Busted!

Minimized: The Coverage Election Slider Spirit was only haunting the Internet Explorer browser. We took away its invisibility cloak so employees can see the slider bar and make better elections.

Exorcised: The QLE Duplicate Demon: Were you seeing double? If you added a new Qualifying Life Event on the administrative side, but did so out of order, you'd get double the excitement and double the fun; you'd see the event twice and the employee couldn't use that type of event because there were two too many. The good news is that we did away with the evil twins and only kept the good guys.

Vaporized: The Rate Type Wraith was getting things twisted. If you had set your plan eligibility by Rate Type and thought only your Hourly employees would see that plan... you thought wrong! The Rate Type Wraith would show an Hourly Employee a "salary plan" and a Salaried Employee an "hourly plan." It's important to note: If you never entered a Rate Type for an employee, they would not see either of the plans until you go to their Payroll page and click Save after updating to Hourly/Salary/Daily.


Have a Happy Halloween! 

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