ACAManager Release Notes | 10.11.2017

Posted on October 11, 2017

Here's what's new: We have added the ability to capture an employee's consent to receive their 1095 form via email directly into bCEnroll and tied it to ACAManager. All you have to do is turn it on in bCEnroll! Okay, well, you turn it on in bCEnroll, your employees need to see it, answer the question and then you have to click the Refresh Eligibility button (of course).

"I need this in my life."
If you want to use this, go ahead! Head over to bCEnroll and turn it on! Right now! Stop reading the rest of these notes! Ok, maybe finish reading them first, but you can totally use this bCEnroll feature immediately if not sooner. All you have to do in ACAManager is click the magic "Refresh Eligibility" (which you were already doing anyway)! It's fully automated. Hooray for Automation Domination!

Using this new feature:

  • If your employee consents to receiving the email, the Email button will be enabled in ACAManager for them. Along with the new checkbox so you could email a select group of employees that have agreed to receive their forms electronically.
  • If your employee declines to receive the form electronically, they won't have an email button or checkbox next to their name.
In this example, Jason Argonaut is the only employee that gave consent.

"None for me, thanks."
If you don't use the new bCEnroll feature, ACAManager will continue to operate as normal:

  • The checkbox will appear for all your employees.
  • You can email individual employees with the Email button.
  • Any employee without an email address in their profile will have a red Add Email button next to their name.

We Made Things Shiny

We are making some of your favorite ACAManager features better!

 What a Fine Lookin’ Interface

Dashboard Pie Charts – Did you know that the pie charts on the Dashboard are clickable? They give you a list of the employees that add to the number you are seeing. Your mouse arrow should change into a cute little hand as a reminder that you can click on them. Oh, and in case you think it might be broken: The COST portion of the Cost vs Penalty chart is the one piece of pie that is NOT clickable.

There was a Bug - - and we squashed it

Squashed: We gave you the ability to edit the coverage months for Self-Insured employees and their dependents. And then we confused you by showing the title "Covered Individuals" with nothing below it for employees that were enrolled in a Fully-Funded plan. The only time you will see it is when editing the form for an employee that was enrolled in a Self-Insured plan. If you feel like you should be seeing the "Covered Individuals", please verify that your employee and dependents are enrolled in a Self-Insured plan.

Squashed: If you downloaded all of your employee forms en masse and then later tried to view/download an Individual Employee Form, you might have seen a sad puppy (or some other cute animal) telling you that something is broken. We fixed that thing and now you can click view/download the individual forms without animal interruptions (unless your cat loves lying on your keyboard... in which case, you're on your own).

Trapped: You know that new Lock/Unlock Employee Records feature we added last week that you probably haven't had much of a chance to look at? We found a bug. If you filtered and subsequently locked your employees by their Status (Active, Terminated, etc), you would see the group of locked employees on the "Locked" page, but you wouldn't have any details on what kind of group it was (Active, Terminated, etc) because the Status column was blank.
We haven't totally squashed this bug yet so we trapped it under a glass until the Guy with the Big Boots can come and squash it for us. In other words, the Status filter and column are gone right now, but they will be back later. Please leave a message at the tone.

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