bCEnroll Release Notes | 9.23.2014

Posted on September 23, 2014

bCEnroll Admin: Page Sequence ... Unique URL vRoot is available to clients on bC Enroll, for example in the past bC4 URL would read, “https://www.benefitsconnect.net/employername” now bC Enroll will do the same, ex: “https://enroll.benefitsconnect.net/employername"bCEnroll offers improved administration navigation.

  • Admin users may modify the page sequence with a drag and drop functionality.
  • The employee search section includes an “Advanced Search” option that simplifies finding employees. 


  • Admin users can customize content on the Welcome page, through the use of a free text box.
    •  Employers may add unique content to the Employee Self-Service (ESS) experience and offer a personalized touch to engage the employee.


  • The admin user can manage (add, remove, update) User Defined Fields (UDF). Users are also able to associate the UDF’s to a benefit and/or a page.


bCEnroll Employee Self-Service (ESS)

  • bCEnroll offers improved employee navigation:
    • Employees can add a beneficiary at the time of election and upon completion will be directed back to the respective benefit.
    • Employees can edit their benefit elections once they’ve reached the consolidated enrollment form.


  • The beneficiary screen includes a drop down option that lists the employees' pre-entered spouse and dependent(s) information. Thus, allowing the employee to choose from the drop down menu without re-entering existing data.


  • Employees can use the navigation icons, across the top of the enrollment screen, to click on pages that they’ve completed, thereby making the change process seamless.
  • For plans allowing or requiring beneficiaries, the benefit election process offers an educational tool to help explain the classification of beneficiaries, as well as the allocation of percentage.


  • If enabled by the employer group, the Decision Support module will allow employees to skip the decision process.


benefitsCONNECT® agencyMANAGER (bCaM)

  • Brokers can manage (add, remove, update) videos that are displayed on the Employee Self-Service.
    • Manageability is accessible by the broker upon access to an individual group.




  • Fixed an age calculation issue on the ACA Census Report.
  • Agency Manager will now check for valid dates before a Rate Import Spreadsheet is generated.
  • Rate Import extended to additional rate types.
  • Users will receive an alert message when a rate is successfully imported.

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