bCEnroll Release Notes | 9.20.2017

Posted on September 20, 2017

We have added a new report to our system! If an employee was enrolled in a benefit, but enrollment is completely canceled as if the employee had never been enrolled they are referred to as being "wholly terminated."

Because of this total termination, there was no exportable report that would reflect the dates the employee was enrolled along with the date the termination was processed.

This new report is located under the Employee Reports section of the Reports page.


We Made Things Shiny

We have included some enhancements to bCEdge and our API Integrations which will help improve user functionality and security.

 What a Fine Lookin’ Interface

  1. Mass Update Error Message – During an API import when Mass Update is enabled, if the mass update fails there is now a field that advises the end user that their import was not successful due to an error with Mass Update.


There was a Bug - - and we squashed it

Fixed: When a group has a payroll schedule that differs from their payroll frequency, the Benefit Cost Summary which appears on the right hand side of the screen was calculating based off of payroll frequency. It did not affect the CEF or what was being sent in payroll deductions, but confusing for the end user. It now matches the correct payroll deduction amount.

Fixed: Qualifying Life Events that occur after Open Enrollment has closed, but prior to the new plan effective dates were not allowing the employee to make elections. This has been updated to allow elections for future dated plans.

Fixed: We fixed a bug that potentially allowed for duplicate employees being entered into the system using the API Import. When an employee already exists in both systems and Payroll File Number field was empty in bCEnroll and being sent via API as the primary identifier, the system will check against Social Security and Visa Numbers to confirm that no two SSNs are entered.

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