bCEnroll Release Notes | 8.26.2014

Posted on August 26, 2014

bCEnroll Employee Self-Service (ESS): The pay-period language has been changed from “Pay-Period Contribution” to “Pay-Period Premium” for non-reimbursement and retirement plan types. Continue reading to learn more!

  • We’ve added validation to the emergency contact page to ensure required fields are not bypassed.
  • Instead of being directed to the Consolidated Enrollment form when an employee is not eligible for benefits the employee will now see a “Benefit Ineligible Alert”. This alert will notify the employee that they are ineligible for benefits. It will further explain that, although the employee is not eligible for benefits they are able to make adjustments to their demographics.


We’ve improved the EOI functionality:

  • Any amount that exceeds GI is displayed in Red.


  • A popup window with the EOI form included, will display when the election exceeds GI.
  • The Consolidated Enrollment form allows the employee user to edit and make changes to their benefit elections.


  •  Decision Support: Users are prompted to enter the Vimeo Transcript field before he/she can delete the Question and/or Answer video.
  • The Custom Fields section was displaying database field names, the field alias with this section, has been updated to reflect the appropriate naming convention on both the Spouse and Dependent pages.

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