bCEnroll Release Notes | 8.15.2015

Posted on August 15, 2015

Release Features Overview: This bCEnroll release features enhancements to the employee gateway as well as the administrative portion.

Page Customization - Eligibility

We’ve enhanced the Page Customization section to offer page and benefit customizations based on “Employee Categories” and “Division”. This provides flexibility amongst the visibility of the page, so that employees are only able to see the pages that correspond with their eligibility class.

iT6ZCDxxRHONz4ItaUv3_Add Custom Page.png

Page Management - Additional Columns

In an effort to compliment the enhanced Page Customization section, we’ve further added the employee category and division columns to the Page Management component, so at a glance the admin can view any applicable association.

j9zyTM0LSdWMMVRL3mn4_Page Management.png

Qualifying Events - Enrollment

The employee gateway delivers consistency in the employee user experience while improving the communication between the employee and employer. Employees are now able to make life event based elections and provide employer required documents all in one platform.  

Additionally, the order of benefits for Qualifying Events now follows the sequence of the Election Summary.

jDHnYzcOQy2GgFL1APhK_Life Events Page.png

Tier Match – Contingent Elections

Contingent plans will now capture the tier matching capability as designed in the plan enterprise of benefitsCONNECT.

Release Enhancements Overview

In an effort to provide added value and further configurability, we’ve enhanced the systems features.

Welcome Page – Image Variations

We have added the ability to add a custom imaging capabilities to the welcome page for those who want to customize it. Please note, existing customization will not be affected but clients can go back and modify the page. Deletion of custom Welcome page will remove custom image and text and replace them with default image and text.

9zUnEJKWS8aI61HITs4T_Welcome Page.jpg

evxY4uCRMmWYtLSPi7ii_Welcome Page 2.png

Custom Field Settings

The Custom Field Settings section now requires that a user identify a specified page or benefit before saving a User Defined Field.

As a result of this change, the User Defined Field (UDF) section shows which page a UDF is assigned to and will update if you change the assigned page.

Plan Comparison- Benefit Data Points

The Plan Comparison unit, available to administrators, now provides a count of data points completed. It further allows the user to successfully save and delete the criteria. The data points will show in the order entered on the Admin Setup as they do in Employee Self-Service.

Page Customization – Browse to Upload

The Page Customization section offers a “Browse to upload” option. This upload ability allows users to upload images from their local drive to be displayed on any customized page or benefit page. This removes the need to have to load the image to a hosted site.

fNK3RWiTQI61gXTknUF0_Upload Image.png

Pre and Post-Tax – Toggle on ESS

bCEnroll captures the pre-tax and post-tax option on the benefit page and allows the user to modify the tax selection if rules illustrated within the plan design allow it.

Fo5mlaWSZKRUxXIyPkgI_Pre Post Tax.png

Benefit Elections – Waive Button Adjustment

In an effort to improve employee participation, the waive box and font, that is displayed on the benefit election pages has been reduced and the color changed to a darker gray.


Agent-Assisted Enrollment Update

Agent-assisted Enrollment now provides enhanced capability. There are two different ways that the agent-assisted model can be utilized. The initial capability that previously existed in bCEnroll, allows the enroller to login at the user login page and enter their enrollment credentials. The ability newly developed is the capacity to view the Agent-Assisted enrollment during the employee’s shopping experience. The latest additive is compatible with both the optional and required choices.


Contingent Plan Elections

We’ve improved the experience for employees when enrolling in contingent benefits. When an employee makes changes to their plans and the change subsequently modifies their contingent plan eligibility or coverage amount, the system will terminate the contingent election and force the employee to re-elect coverage that complies with the changed value of the primary plan.

Fixes Overview

Benefit Plan Details – Outline of Benefits

Corrected a bug for the Outline of Coverage so that we are no longer showing the waiting period on the Outline of Benefits due to an error affecting performance and operation. Pre and Post Tax has also been removed from the outline of Benefits as this is now housed in the benefit details on the enrollment page as well as on the Consolidated Enrollment Form.

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