ACAManager Release Notes | 8.13.2015

Posted on August 13, 2015

This release is aimed at offering implementation ease, improving performance and identify employee status differences. Continue reading to learn more!

Date of Birth - Hours Upload

The hours upload section for measurement periods now offers two methods for loading hours. One method is SSN which is an existing feature and the newly introduced method is Date of Birth. This component offers flexibility for loading hours.

lMl4LlUQS3SGBcRLL9zu_DOB spreadsheet template.png

Discrepancy Reports

ACAManager has an added reports section that provides details on discrepancies that may exist between the ACA hours classification and the Employee Status documented in the benefitsCONNECT application.

The report names are:
1) Full-Time Discrepancy List
2) Part-Time Discrepancy List

These reports will show the differences that exists, so that the end user can rectify them.

ckLurcAiSXqXQMiX8oru_FT Discrep Report.png

lADNDDhRRlisKZCWPIOh_PT Discrep Report.png

Release Enhancement Overview

We’ve enhanced the look and feel of the model notice to keep email messaging consistency and offer ease of maneuverability for the employee.

Model Notice Email Notification- Improved Look/Feel

The Email Notification for the Model Notice has been enriched to illustrate an enhanced look and feel. This change will allow employees to quickly retrieve the Model Notice which will identify details related to their unique eligibility.

FxEyU2IJQ3anQLmZdXok_Model Notice.jpg

Employee Profile – Eligible Plan Cost

The employee profile now includes a section that details the employee and employer cost of both eligible plans and plans that employee enrolled in. The eligible plans section provides the applicable plan requirement for MEC and MVS based on the selection entered in the “Company Plans” section.

vHl7pkviSHWUIXHgPsF9_Eligibility Plan Cost.jpg

ZeyB5aDbRfGiYkutEe6J_Monthly Plan Elections.jpg

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