ACAManager Release Notes | 7.15.2015

Posted on July 15, 2015

One of the goal’s here at benefitsCONNECT is to offer solutions that will equip our clients’ in managing an ever changing workforce thereby automating as many processes as possible. The feature delivered in this release of ACAManager compliments this objective.

Stability Period - Concluding Alert

The Stability Period alert is displayed on the dashboard 30 days prior to the Stability period concluding. This feature provides you with the opportunity to proactively identify employees whose coverage is ending.

The detailed list of employees who have a stability period ending are listed on a separate page. This page can be accessed from the dashboard via the respective “Click Here” link or by using the navigation menu and selecting the “Notification Administration” tab.

tgeM63bjTY66y2rvEs1v_stability period concluding alert.png

Release Enhancement Overview

As an organization driven to improve, we pride our software in consistently being able to do the same. In this release, we’ve added structures that heighten and complement the existing compliance and auditing gears currently offered in ACAManager. Empowering you with information ownership.

Compliance Review

In preparation for the reporting functionality we’ve added the following items to the Employee Profile page:

Under the manage hours section, the costs for plans offered is presented as follows:

  • Lowest Employee Cost
  • Highest Employer Cost

This detail will provide a compliance opportunity check that will allow you to ensure the employee details are properly represented month over month.

JqGB8PUmRQGwXDqmfmt9_compliance review.png

WDbxa2mRfWP5yqO8LdAM_compliance review 2.png

Notification Preview – Current Employees

The Model Notice document is now viewable for current employees. In the past, this feature was only available for New Hire Employees.

This feature can be viewed by using the navigation menu and accessing the “Notification Administration” tab. The option to view the Model Notice for current employees is accessible after you’ve elected to view the employees associated with the “current employees” lookback period.

jJPSYw4Rn2xVgKNzFYVz_notification prev- currrent ees.png

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