bCEnroll Release Notes | 5.4.2015

Posted on May 4, 2015

benefitsCONNECT’s bCEnroll platform Version 3 is a complete and sophisticated solution for managing and administering benefits. bCEnroll offers a progressive and rules-driven approach in positioning benefit designs of any product arrangement and is well versed in executing a variety of complex contribution strategies. bCEnroll Version 3 is designed to create a full-cycle solution for the employee and provide an automated and instinctive experience for the broker and employer administrator.

The product enhancement highlights of Version 3 functionality include:

  • Restyle Login Page
  • Employee Portal
  • Consumer Driven Benefits Layout
  • Administrative Portal Expansion

Fresh and Innovative User Experience

Restyled Login Page: benefitsCONNECT has updated the style of the login page to demonstrate our focus on continuous improvement, keep current in our design efforts and offer employee directive in a discreet manner. The login page includes still life photos expanded across the background of the web page and features a collapsing instructional text box on the right side of the website. The header and footer have been updated to offer brand consistency for benefitsCONNECT and the font will reflect this change. When users log into the system, any custom private label branding will be retained.

3QqjFRgdRFyUA4I0Ml5K_Login 1.png

Full-Cycle Enrollment and Administrative Solution

Employee Portal: The redesigned enrollment shopping experience features a custom-made employee portal encouraging employees to access and engage in benefits, year round. It delivers a customer-welcoming experience that guides employees through the enrollment lifecycle and empowers them to request and complete open, new hire and off-cycle enrollment.

WHB3EN8CT1qmsP50a7aN_ESS Homepage.png

Consumer Driven Benefits Layout: The new interface repositions the benefits layout by offering an open and energized platform that aligns with consumer specific purchasing. Thus creating a more engaging and educational user experience.

ySg2LjCJQ3uWfpgCH2tE_critical illness.png

5QHjLXC1T7KQ6vXVBgnZ_medical election.png

Enhanced Benefits Administration Capabilities

benefitsCONNECT believes in the value and input provided to us by our clients, this is evident in the new functionality that helps broker and employer users join the depth and supremacy of the platform with a stylish interface.

Administrative Portal Expansion: The new bCEnroll administrative interface offers expanded company profiles including but not limited to visibility of company information, divisions, employee classes and payroll schedules.

Performance: Version 3 demonstrates a speed increase. By using the latest technology in data management, infrastructure configuration and caching, version 3 returns data with nominal latency.


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