bCEnroll Release Notes | 11.2.2016

Posted on November 2, 2016

This bCEnroll release features the new UNUM Widget 2.0 Integration, and a User Interface for Administrators to view and edit Trusted IP Addresses.

UNUM Integration Widget 2.0

Brokers can now incorporate the new UNUM Widget 2.0 into their enrollment process. Brokers will still need to contact their Account Manager to discuss utilizing the widget

Administrators Trusted IP Addresses User Interface

Administrators now have the ability to view, add, and delete trusted IP Addresses from the Administrative section of bCEnroll.

Release Enhancement Overview

In an effort to provide added value and improved flexibility, we’ve enhanced the systems features for the following.

System Access Expiration Date Bridges to bCEnroll

Administrators now have the ability to utilize the System Access Expiration for an employee in both bC4 and bCEnroll (previously it was only possible to allow employees access to the system to expire in bC4 and not bCEnroll).

bCEnroll Reporting - Annual Salary Added

The Salary is now available as a reportable field for the:

  • Company Employee Census
  • Company Report Writer
  • Broker Report Writer
Rehired Employees Now receive New Hire Enrollment Email Notifications

Rehires are now included in when New Hire emails are submitted to employees with their username and temporary password.

Broker and Company Super Administrator IP Restriction

Broker and Company Super Administrators now have the ability to restrict the IP Addresses for their other Administrative users.

Enhanced IP Address Masking

IP Address can now be masked with one, two or three "x".

Fixes Overview

Some of our items needed some repair. Below are details of those items that have been updated.

  • Regular Video not Showing in bCEnroll Fixed
  • Stacked Plan Contingent Coverage Rule Fixed
  • Enrollment Process Transition Page Fixed
  • Qualifying Event Effecting Voluntary Term Life Guaranteed Issue Amount Fixed
  • Rate Type Rule Functionality Fixed
  • ESS Retirement Plan Type Employee Cost Fixed

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