bCEnroll Release Notes | 10.13.2016

Posted on November 17, 2016

This bCEnroll release features enhancements to the Company Level Setup & Configuration Options. The enhancements include the ability to clear the browser cache at the company level by the Super Administrator.

Company Level - Clear Cache

Clear Cache - Per Company Level

Super Administrators and Group Administrators now have the ability to clear the cache via the Setup & Configuration menu for each individual group. Previously, this ability was only available to be reset at the system level.

This feature will be primarily helpful when modifying benefit plan designs or testing for open enrollment. Clearing the Company Cache after making an update to a benefit plan removes old information your browser has stored (e.g. Plan ID or Benefit Plan Names) and allows your browser to store the updated Plan ID or Benefit Plan Names.


Reset Employee Verification

Reset Employee Verification - Broker Level & Super Administrators

The Reset Employee Verification enhancement allows Broker and Super Administrators to reset the Demographic Wizard and Open Enrollment Wizard for some or all employees by: 

1. Division, Census Verification Records
2. New Hire Verification Records and/or
3. Open Enrollment Verification Records

After selecting the desired records to be reset, a date can be entered with a current or future date. As of the date entered, the verification records will expire and the affected employees will be taken back to the beginning of the respective Wizards.

Path: bCEnroll --> Company --> Setup & Configuration --> Reset Employee Verification


Reset Dates Can Always Be Moved Up, But Never Back Out

Double-check the date you are entering in the Reset page as of is the desired date.

Once the initial reset date has been scheduled to reset, the default reset date of 1/1/2200 is updated with the new Reset page as of date.

Once an employee successfully goes through each wizard, the employee's Reset page as of date is replaced and updated again with the default 1/1/2200 date. This allows for the successful resetting of the page for all future Open Enrollment and New Hire Enrollments via the Reset Employee Verification page.

Once the Reset page as of date has been set, only dates that occur at a date later than the updated Reset page as of date will work.

If the user attempts to alter the reset date to a later date, the system will still show a success message, but it will state that 0 employees were reset for the group of employees the date was applied to.

Example Scenarios:

Yes: A user sets the Reset page as of field for the first time with a date for 10/31/2016 in preparation for an 11/01/2016 Open Enrollment Start Date. This changes the default page reset date from 1/1/2200 (default) to 10/31/2016

Yes: The 11/01/2016 Open Enrollment date is moved up to 10/24/2016 and the user now needs the page to reset as of 10/23/2016. The user sets the Reset page as of date to 10/23/2016. This changes the new reset date from 10/31/2016 to 10/23/2016.

No: The 10/24/2016 open enrollment date is pushed back to 10/29/2016 and the user attempts to move the page reset date up from 10/23/2016 to 10/28/2016. The system will respond with a success message but will state that 0 employees were reset.

Reasoning: By not allowing the Reset page as of date to be moved back out to a future date, it prevents unintended consequences such as e.g. a New Hire who enrolled after a Reset page as of date was added to the system for Reset Census Verification and keeps them from having to go through the Demographic wizard again the next time they log in to view their benefits.

A link to the full description can be found here

Additional Updates

  • Administrator Trusted IP User Interface added for Super Administrators

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