MBE Release Notes | 1.24.2018

Posted on January 24, 2018

Welcome new friends! With great fanfare we would like to welcome this much awaited widget to our Home Page; this gem adds a new customizable content area for clients.

2018-01-25 09_18_48-Benefit Express.pngWe have added a new alert that allows HR reps to receive a notification of “failure” when a pending EOI email cannot be sent to an employee.


Things are movin’ on up

Enhancements to Enrollment Features
  • Employers can set a benefit to be visible only on the confirmation statement during an Annual Enrollment window. The benefit will not appear during the enrollment itself.

  • MBE will now automatically save a PDF version of the confirmation statement during enrollment if any elections have been changed.

  • Employees will now see a warning message if a future one-time payment is removed from the system due to a life event change in election (where the new request pends).

  • With one pay period left, employees will no longer be able to make one-time payments towards their HSA through the MBE system.

  • Employees will be able to enter in beneficiary information at any time during the election of a plan which requires a beneficiary regardless of if the election incurs EOI within the enrollment.

  • If no previous election had been made, during a change in coverage triggered by a life event, the user will see Waived Coverage in the “Approved Coverage” section of the plan page.

  • Pre-qualification questions are now compatible with Flex Plans that have an FSA election.

Improvements to the HR Dashboard

HRs can now download the following reports to CSV format from the HR Dashboard

  • Enrollment Status Chart data
  • User Contacts Chart data
  • Employees Enrolled Chart data



Little Extras
  • We’ve added custom data collection page that can be made available from a link on the home page.

  • Security questions in the Forgot Password module will now appear in the user’s chosen language preference.

  • For dependent verification clients, dependents that are “Marked for Removal” are re-classified to Inactive status through an automated job that runs nightly.

  • New eligibility rules can now utilize “N days from system date” to drive the new hire enrollment window close date.

See Ya’ Later Agitator 

Fixed: We have hidden “covered dependents” in the detail column for elections that have been waived. No coverage = no covered dependents in our book.

Fixed: When enrollments are reset, the Confirmation Progress panel will reset to inactive/incomplete

Fixed: Round we go; the number of dots displayed in the Information Carousel will correspond with the number of pages available.

Fixed: No more Server Error notice when you navigate to the Saved Docs history under the Employee Editor.

Fixed: The previous election alert (blue alert) is now consistently viewable throughout the election process for each plan page.

Fixed: Red alert, red alert – users will no longer be stranded at the bottom of the page when there is a red alert, they will be escorted back to the beginning to correct any errors.

Fixed: When we say 5, we mean 5! The first failed login attempt is no longer a freebee.

Fixed: For HR, pending EOIs are now displaying the Requested Coverage amount instead of the default deduction amount. In cases where the employee is no longer eligible for the requested amount, the system will alert the user and the ability to approve the coverage will not be available. 

Fixed: Phone retrieval for account balances is now available for all clients that use benefitexpress as their FSA vendor.



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