MBE Release Notes | 2.8.2018

Posted on February 8, 2018

At long last, these awesome MBE features are now available in V5. Ability for external call centers to have access to multiple clients under a single login

Client Switch panel (002)

Functions for the existing FSA Debit Card application

Please note that existing V5 clients who use benefitexpress as their FSA Vendor will need to add this link to their welcome page - "<a onclick="jsLaunchBPSCardSite()">Request Reimbursement Cards</a>"



Improvements to the Enrollment Platform

WICKED COOL, documentation can now be loaded for dependents who have a verification status of Insufficient Documentation by employees during enrollment to expedite the verification process

Insufficient Document screenshot (002)

Updates to beneFITwise

SMILE, we have simplified the way users can view and add family members' medications within the beneFITwise decision support module


#LOVE the new look



Swipe Left…

Fixed: East Coast to West Coast, enrollments all display the same effective date now regardless of the time zone

Fixed: When an employee is no longer eligible for a pending election, the error message will now state: "The plan or tier is no longer available for this user. You must deny this election"

Fixed: Content Zone text and questions are now consistently multilingual. LO AMO!

Fixed: BYE inactive dependents with no designation; you will no longer be visible under My Beneficiaries

Fixed: The "Upon HR Approval" text is back on the PDF version of the Confirmation Statement

Fixed: When enrolling in HSA, employees will be able to modify the goal amount to match the minimum displayed on percentage based plans with employer contributions

Fixed: When enrolling pending dependents into coverage, any approved dependents that are being added to coverage will no longer show as covered under Elect No Coverage

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