MBE Release Notes | 9.18.19

Posted on September 19, 2019

It's that time again. From product enhancements, communication updates, BeneFITwise and ACAManager improvements and more, we've been hard at work addressing client concerns and delivering the best experience possible for participants. 

As we always say... benefits should be easy. That's why this sprint's MBE Release Notes include a variety of enhancements to improve both the admin and user experience. 

Read on for a detailed explanation of what's improved. 

Product Enhancements

Communications to Participants

1. Additional messaging for participants

a. More instructions on the login page

A new content zone has been created to provide direction to employees. This would mostly likely be used to notify users when passwords were last reset and to point users to the login instructions.


b. Client alert message will now be visible even when the employee has an enrollment opportunity available

Previously, only one alert would appear at any given time and the enrollment alert took precedence.  With clients using the company alert to provide Single Sign On links year-round, the system was enhanced to show both.


2. Ability to send confirmation statements as a hyperlink instead of an attachment

Attaching PDF copies of a confirmation is less secure.  For consistency with other areas of the site:

  • Email notices to the participant that are created as part of the HR Taskpad approval/denial process
  • Emails auto-generated as the participant completes an enrollment

will contain a hyperlink when a confirmation statement is to be included.

The communication received by the employee includes a link to the confirmation statement.  When future dating an action, the confirmation statement will be as of the effective date.  When the action is retroactive, the confirmation statement will be as of the date the action was taken.

After authenticating with the last four of SSN and date of birth, the specific document referenced is downloaded.  The employee can save or print from their device.  At the time the document is opened, a PDF version is also saved to the file drawer for reference by HR.

3. Credential page for accessing linked documents was enhanced to use the client’s color and logo

It is very important that participants entering personal information identify the site as belonging to their employer.  The authentication process will also store the number of times a participant accesses each individual linked document.  This will allow us to report on usage in the future.



1. BeneFITwise embedded - ability to setup HSA employer contribution as a flat amount plus a percentage match

BeneFITwise has been enhanced to calculate employer contributions to an HSA plan based on a flat amount plus a percentage match of the remainder to be contributed, subject to a maximum set by the client.  For example: the employer provides a flat $750 and also matches dollar for dollar what the employee contributes to a maximum matching contribution of $1,000.  This allows for more refined estimates for some of our more complex clients. 

Note: Picwell Plan information used by the decision make tool must be configured through MBE 40

2. BeneFITwise embedded - ability to score some (but not all of) the plans

In some cases, the client may have plans that either generate credits or are more of a catastrophic type where coverage is very limited and does not lend itself to estimation.  The decision making tool has been enhanced to display N/A for these plans while showing the full results for the more traditional plans that have been configured.

3. BeneFITwise embedded - additional configuration capabilities

Embedded is designed to pull as much information from the enrollment platform as possible, streamlining the steps to obtain an estimate.  As an employee, my annual income is the minimum that should be used for household income.  I have the option to change that if we are dual income household or have other sources of income.  The ability to designate where to obtain annual income was added back to the system.

The ability to add new plans to the estimator was also included.

4. BeneFITwise standalone - additional configuration capabilities

As part of moving into our second year with this this offering, we enhanced the system to use an active/inactive status at the client level to determine whether access should be allowed.  Plans can also be designated as inactive so that they no longer appear when estimations occur.  Rights to move a client from Basic to Enhanced are restricted to benefitexpress.

ACAManager 2019 Tax Year Processing

1. Ability to handle data for larger clients via XSLX files

With the addition of larger, more complex clients, the import/export functions were enhanced to accept and use XSLX files.  The ability to “Return to Home” from the export page was also added.

2. Annual updates for 2019 tax year filings

Each year, the IRS makes changes to our tax filing ID and the Affordability Threshold used when determining the values to be provided to the IRS.  Both of these have been updated so that testing with clients can begin.

Product Fixes

1. Automated EOI - EOI link/button not appearing on confirmation

Not all vendors provide a fully integrated EOI option.  Instead, we can link to their website and pass basic information about the employee.  The employee is still required to take action to provide that information.  While our preference is for this to automatically launch before the confirmation statement appears, some clients prefer this to appear only on the confirmation statement itself.  For these clients, the system automatically displays a “Submit EOI” button on the confirmation statement. This allows the employees to submit their information to the carrier for approval as a last step in the enrollment process.  In some cases, the button was not appearing.


2. Dependent verification - unable to update verification status for dependents

The system was not allowing the dependent verification status to be changed if the dependent was also subject to age override rules for when coverage should be terminated.  The system has been enhanced to accept both conditions for a dependent.

3. V5 home page - widgets headers not wrapping or responsive

MBE is accessible from various devices which differ in size and some clients have lengthier content than others.  When a browser was readjusted to a smaller size the Helpful Links/Toolbox widget did not fully display the text. This has been updated to support a more responsive design.


4. Report group(s) flipped to "No Report Groups Assigned" for all Apricity (time out error in census import)

Clients rely on the ability to import crucial participant data into MBE.  When a file was imported, the system would inconsistently time-out. This logic has been optimized to make the import process more efficient and reliable.

5. Pending HSA/FSA when no changes made in life event

When an employee declared a life event, the confirmation statements displayed HSA/FSA with pending elections even though the contributions did not change.  The confirmation statement has been updated to display pending elections only when a change to either the employee or employer contribution amounts for these plans.

6. Plan type content zone 7 and 48 not visible during direct log-in

One way we communicate important information to participants is through content zones. When a participant would log into their account, the system did not display the enrollment instructions (content zone 7) nor the dependent page header (content zone 48) within an enrollment. The system now displays the content as expected on their respective pages.


7. Travis to WEX file converter

The process of creating individuals in WEX was setting a value incorrectly.  This stopped them from logging in to  access their information and make payments.  This has been corrected.

8. Window reset updates enrollment status

Earlier modifications to distinguish enrollment status on the Home and My Plans page via the button name, were further updates to include the appropriate use of color on the alert messages.

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