MBE Release Notes | 8.28.19

Posted on September 4, 2019

Communication, communication, communication! 

Nothing is more important than communication - especially when it comes to benefits administration and open enrollment. This week's MBE Release Notes are packed with participant communication enhancements for verifying dependents, email preferences, file uploads and more. 

Additional product enhancements were made to Vendor Integration functionalities, BeneFITwise capabilities and client-focused updates. Read on for the specifics of this detailed round of release notes!

Product Enhancements

1. Ability to direct email jobs to the email selected in the employee preference (VSTS 27210)

When creating a bulk email job you can now select Employee Preference in addition to personal or work email.  This will dynamically direct the communication based on the employee's stated preference.


Note:  If there is no email type selected, or the employee has selected text or print as their preference Company Email will be defaulted, and current validations will apply.

2. Ability to direct Enrollment Confirmation Auto Emails to the email account in employee preference (VSTS 27258 & VSTS 27211)

When employee clicks the "Done" or "Go To" buttons at the end of an enrollment, for clients that have activated the auto-email process, the communication can be directed based on the employee's stated preference.  This option is in addition to personal or work email.

Tools > Setup > Client > General Settings


3. Confirmation checkbox was removed for One Record per Employee section in the Comms Module (VSTS 26778)

The ability to select the Confirmation attachment when using the One Record per Employee category for bulk communications has been removed.  This function was causing confusion as the category does not allow for the specification of a specific enrollment window/date. 

4. Forcing password and displaying alert message when Confirmation or Benefit Class Comparison Sheet (VSTS 27344)

Password protection for confirmation statements attached to an email job is mandatory and enforced by the system.  Similar functionality was added for the Benefit Class Comparison Sheet, and an alert message was added to remind the user to include the password criteria in the email.


5. Ability to send documents as a hyperlink and not an attachment (VSTS 25740 & VSTS 27335)

Attaching PDF copies of a documents to large groups of employees is not efficient.  The time to create and send bulk communications has been significantly reduced by generating a hyperlink to the documents.  This can be used for confirmation statement or library documents.

The communication received by the employee includes a link to each document.  After authenticating with the last four of SSN and date of birth, the specific document referenced is downloaded.  The employee can save or print from their device.  At the time the document is opened, a PDF version is also saved to the file drawer for reference by HR.



6.  Taskpad notifications were enhanced to save to the file drawer as a static PDF document

This allows the elections at the time of the action to be captured and saved with the effective date for reference at a later time.

Vendor Integration

7. Ability to setup Corestream SSO and UNUM GUID in MBE (VSTS 26521 & VSTS 28021)

Configuration specialists can now configure both Corestream and UNUM client specific parameters through MBE without any assistance.  The Corestream SSO has been modified so that it uses this new client setting and can be activated by the configuration specialist within minutes.

Tools > Setup > Client > Edit Client > Client Site Information



8. Benefitwise Embedded ability to setup HSA employer contribution as a percentage (VSTS 26817)

BeneFITwise has been enhanced to calculate employer contributions to an HSA plan based on a percentage of the total amount to be contributed, subject to a maximum set by the client. For example: the employer matches dollar for dollar what the employee contributes to a maximum employer contribution of $1,000.  Previously, only flat dollar contributions could be utilized.  This allows for more refined estimates for some of our more complex clients.  Coming soon will be the ability to combine both a flat dollar and percentage employer contribution.

Tools > Setup > Plan > Plan Setup > Picwell Rules > Picwell HSA Tier Setup Link


Note: Picwell Plan information used by the decision make tool must be configured through MBE 40

9. BeneFitwise Standalone ability to only show birth year for users (VSTS 26463)

Clients that are not utilizing the enhanced version of BeneFitwise have inquired about not requiring an employee to enter their full birth date when using the application so that employees do not feel they are not disclosing PHI.  For clients that are set to basic, the option has been added to choose between requiring the employee to enter their full date of birth or only their birth year.

Client Setup > Display


Dependent Age Out

10. Enhancement to allow for two dependents of the same employee to age out under different rules in the same month

In rare cases, two dependents of the same employee will age out for different reasons in the same month.  Example: A court ordered dependent that reaches their expiration date in the same month in which a natural dependent reaches their maximum coverage age.  The process will not apply the rules based on the reason for an individual dependent within the same family.

Client Update: Manatee County 

11. Ability to store additional information at the dependent level based on the employee’s election was enhanced

Within the employee editor, sorting of the information was enhanced to include effective date of the information.

Data collection of the plan information was enhanced to “lock” the information so that only HR can change it once entered by the employee.

Document Capabilities

12. Upload of documentation enhanced to allow additional file types

Document upload was sensitive to capitalization of the document type and was restricting some files from being uploaded.  This has been changed.  HR and employee document upload capabilities were reviewed and modified to include the same document types.

Topics: My Benefit Express