MBE Release Notes | 5.15.19

Posted on May 16, 2019

April showers brought more than just May flowers... May is blooming with updates!

From eliminating technical glitches to performing system updates, we saw a robust set of changes this month, and encourage you to take a moment to review what's been updated. 


  • The Reset Password link found via the employee search now automatically resets Terms & Conditions as well as the password.
  • The system was updated to include a pop-up notification when a session will be timing out when the admin user is in the additional exporter tab. The user then can then prevent the automatic logout of the system.
  • The new ‘Collect Per Pay’ enrollment type is configured to maintain consistent per pay deductions for the employee, regardless of if the pay period frequency is changes after enrollment. Employees who experience a change in pay periods per annum would need to login into the system and update their desired per pay deduction.
  • In a scenario where a user removes an “Elect No Coverage” election and then tags dependents in the election without first selecting a plan before it is saved, the “Elect No Coverage” status was being saved without alerting the user that a selection was not properly made. This has been updated to alert the user as expected when elections are not made.
  • On the confirmation statements, pending election headers are tagged with “Upon HR Approval” as expected, no matter the plan type.
  • Logic in the system has been updated so that HR Users are unable to view salary and coverage amounts for employees in Quick Look if they are setup as ‘Salary Access = FALSE’ in the user setup.
  • Updates have been made that ensures the My Premium Accountant (MPA) module will open an excel file with the premium billing data that is present in the browser view.
  • When a Dependent Verification is processed, the ‘Insufficient Documentation’ and ‘Denial’ reason was not being removed when a status was moved to ‘Verified.’ This has been updated in the system to display as expected with the ‘Insufficient Documentation’ and ‘Denial’ reason being cleared.
  • The effective date of a new Life Event was reflecting the same date the Life Event was entered into the system. This was updated to reflect an effective date of one day after the date used for the Life Event.

Part of the My Benefit Express™ promise is to provide the easiest and most straight-forward experience as possible. We will continue to notify you of updates to the platform to ensure it continually meets and exceeds expectations. 

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