MBE Release Notes | 2.21.2019

Posted on February 22, 2019

Today's MBE release notes can be summed up in one word: "aloha."  Meaning both hello and goodbye in the Hawaiian language, our Product team has been hard at work saying "aloha" (goodbye) to multiple browser tabs, and "aloha" (hello) to an enhanced user interface for "Review" items.

Keep reading to find out what else we are saying "aloha" to!

Say "goodbye" to multiple browser tabs!

The HR Taskpad now keeps the Search Criteria and Review links in the same place! That means that when you click on an action item such as “Dependent Verification,” the list of Employees and their Dependents will be right there in front of you, instead of in a new browser tab!


Say "hello" to the enhanced user interface (UI) “Review” items!

The same great process, with a better look and feel! None of the functionality changed, however, we improved the layout.


Pending Elections Review: The uploaded files will now show ONLY files uploaded by employees. Uploaded documents will now appear at the top of the pending action review.

Pending Dependents: After approving a dependent and returning to the Pending Dependents list, the dependent you just approved will no longer show.



  • The “Close Item” button has been updated to “Deny.”
  • The “Approve” button is always on the right.
  • For the Dependent Verification Review, the Insufficient Documentation button will appear between “Approve” and “Deny” and no longer be yellow.release-notes-MBE-2-21-19-4
  • The “Export to Excel” button will export exactly what is seen on the screen: 
    • If test users are showing, test users will be included.
    • If there has been a search for anyone named “Smith,” only the Smiths will be included.
    • If there are multiple pages, all data from all pages will be exported.



But wait, there’s more!

Reports are now a menu item! Administrative Users no longer need to go to “Tools” to see Reports (if enabled) because they will be showing on the left side navigation menu!


Further, clicking on “Reports” keeps you in the same browser tab:


Once a report is selected, a new tab (or pop up – depending on the report) will open asking for more details before running the report. Again, we didn’t change how it works, rather, improved the appearance in workflow. Because when it comes to browser tabs - less really is more.

We did update the Premium Analysis By Person – With Volumes (SRID 843) and Premium Analysis By Person (SRID 31) reports to ensure all expected records are reflected.

HR Dashboard Employee & Dependent Search
Clicking the “Enroll” link will take you directly into an enrollment if only one enrollment window is available. If more than one enrollment is currently available for the user, you will be taken to the “Available Enrollments” modal to select the window for use.

The "Reset my Rights" function has been renamed to say "Return to Admin."


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