MBE Release Notes | 10.9.19

Posted on October 10, 2019

Seasons change...and so has the functionality of My Benefit Express

It's been a productive past few weeks (as usual!), and we're excited to show you what's been updated behind-the-scenes at benefitexpress. Don't miss these new enhancements in the following areas: 

  • Communication to participants
  • BeneFITwise
  • Enhanced Employee Editor
  • Case Management
  • Microsite Security 

Keep reading for a detailed look inside this week's MBE release notes! 

Product Enhancements

Communications to Participants

1. Login error text when an invalid username or password is entered is now customizable

One of our client’s has two distinct groups of employees that use different systems for benefits administration.  They needed the ability to present more information on a login failure to include verifying that they are on the correct site.  Client that do not configure a custom error message, will continue to see the default “Either the username or password you've entered is invalid, or the account has been disabled.”

2. Flex Plan enrollment explanation of values to be entered and annual amount prompt are now customizable

Previously, flex plans were very similar, enter and annual or per pay amount and the system will calculate the reverse value.  With the advent of Health Savings Account plans and the complexity in employer contribution schedules, the standard wording may not be appropriate for every client.  The text areas circled in green are now customizable.


3. Email preference reminder added to communications module

Recently, the ability to select the Employees preferred email account when sending a communications job was added.  If the communication is being sent via email, defaults occur for employee that requested print or text.  A reminder message has just been added for the employee creating the communication to notify them of which email address will be used. 


5. Communications module modify email name to represent benefits

With more fishing attacks occurring daily, it was confusing for employees to receive an email communication where the from displayed: noreply@mybenefitexpress.com.  The emails will now appear to come from Benefits.  The return address remains “noreply”.


1. Cap employer percentage contributions based on the IRS maximum was added to the Embedded version

Clients with percentage contributions to the HSA plan were seeing a disproportionate contribution by the employer if total health expenditures exceeded the IRS maximum.  To cap the employer contributions correctly, the ability to apply the IRS maximums by age had to be created at a different location within the tool.  As these limits change annually, the ability to update these maximums has also been provided.

2. Spanish translations added to the standalone version

The Results Page is now translating plan design features into Spanish.


3. Display of filename to be imported added to the standalone version (VSTS 26744)

When importing a file for clients that use the Enhanced version, the name of the file selected is now displaying.


4. BeneFITwise standalone - additional configuration capabilities

As part of moving into our second year with this this offering, we enhanced the system to use an active/inactive status at the client level to determine whether access should be allowed.  Plans can also be designated as inactive so that they no longer appear when estimations occur.  Rights to move a client from Basic to Enhanced are restricted to benefitexpress.

Enhanced Employee Editor

1. Additional information for Employees and Dependents is now accessible based on configuration

There are rare cases where additional information is necessary for each employee and dependent to pass information to the carrier.  One of our clients varies coverage within a plan based on whether the individual completed wellness initiatives.  The ability to capture and store this information has been added to the Enhanced Employee Editor. 


2. Quick add employee editor button

In the interest of saving time, HR no longer needs to click the “Go to Employee Editor” button after successfully adding a new employee via Quick Add. They will be automatically directed to the Enhanced Employee Editor.

3. Confirmation statements under Enrollments 

Clients and customer service representatives rely on the ability to review a confirmation statement while looking at a participant’s enrollment window. This is now available.  It also saves a copy of the document to the File Drawer.


4. Benefit Date - scroll bars added to the initial and all views

Clients need an easy way to view all of the columns within the benefit data grid as there are actions the user can take for a specific line item. Scroll bars have been added to ease the view of this particular grid. 

5. Ability to impersonate an employees to make their direct bill elections

When converting an employee to direct bill (COBRA or RETIREE), the ability to move directly into the enrollment for that employee has been added.


6. Communication tab update to the recipient email address 

The Communications grid has been updated to show the email address to which an email was sent instead of the email the employee currently has on file.

Case Management - IVR with screen pops 

Speed to access information is key to the success of our call center.  Working with Avtex, new functionality to capture information about the caller and display information from MBE, Alegeus and WEX on the call center rep's desktop as the call is delivered to them has been released.  This is a huge advancement in our capabilities.

This has already been rolled out to 4 early adopter clients and full implementation for all clients will be complete by 10/14.

1. Authenticated callers display on the dashboard with key information about the employee. Separate tabs appear for each of the three administrative systems (MBE, Alegues and WEX) displaying information for the most frequently asked questions.


2. When more than 1 record is found in one of the administrative systems for the same individual, a list is presented with drill-down capabilities so that the call center rep can more quickly identify the correct record to respond to the caller.


3. Unauthenticated callers are clearly identified and access to each of the three admin systems is provided so that the call center rep can search for the individual once more information has been gathered during the call itself.


4. Single sign on to MBE

When the caller has been authenticated, a Single Sign On (SSO) button will appear that will automatically move the call center rep to the employee editor search screen with that employee displayed.  They can immediately reset the password, view saved documents, open a contact or access the full employee editor.   If the caller has not been authenticated, the call center rep is placed on the home page within MBE so that they can begin searching across all clients based on additional information obtained during the call.

5. Links to login on page for Alegus and WEX

The Alegeus and WEX systems do not offer the same deep linking capability for administrators that they do for employees.  As an interim measure, while we continue to work with our business partners to obtain similar access, the call center reps are provided with a link to the admin login pages for these systems.

Experienced call center reps that have used this for the early adopter clients love the new functionality and have made several recommendations that would improve the experience.  Some of them have been included already and others will be addressed in the next release.

Security for Microsites

Our marketing team does a fantastic job creating microsites for clients.  These are used with prospective or current employees to explain both the culture and offerings of these companies.  One of new clients has requested that access be secured so that their competitors cannot access this information.  They also want to ensure that prospective employees see only the relevant information based on the type of position they are interviewing for. 

1. Provide the ability to secure a microsite

This security is at the microsite level, one username and password per site. Using file structures and a simple configuration file, marketing has the ability to set the default password on their own without any development required for future sites.  Security will timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity and return the user to the login page.


Product Fixes

BeneFITwise Standalone

1. When a dependent is removed from the estimation, the prescriptions for that dependent continued to appear 

When a person is removed from the household for the estimation, all reference to that member is removed including associated medications.

2. Build A Plan stopped functioning 

The Library of Plans used by Build a Plan has been added back to the estimation process.

3. Locking function was limiting access to features that should remain configurable 

When the lock is applied to a specific client, plan configuration (plans, thresholds, medical and Rx) are locked.  Client setup and imports remain available for updates)


1. HR Taskpad - Expired unverified dependent are not being displayed when new coverage was requested

Administrators rely on the HR Taskpad to determine which employees require action on their account. If action is not taken within the preset number of days, the pending request expires and the actionable item disappears from the Taskpad. 

When an employee requested to add the "expired" dependent to coverage in a subsequent enrollment, that dependent continued to be hidden from the Taskpad.  The system has been enhanced to differentiate the new request from the original and to display the pending actions accordingly.

2. HR Taskpad - "Upload Documentation" link expanded to include all documents loaded within 60 days

HR Administrators expect supporting documentation uploaded within an enrollment to be immediately accessible in the HR Taskpad. There are multiple locations where documents can be loaded and the Taskpad was limiting which ones were referenced. Both the appearance of the paperclip and the actual document links within the Taskpad item have been modified to include any document loaded: during the creation of a life event, from the My Dependents page and from individual enrollment pages. 


  • The pending elections section of the HR Taskpad now displays documents uploaded 60 days before and 60 days after the benefit effective date of the enrollment window.



  • The pending dependents section of the HR Taskpad now displays documents uploaded 60 days before and 60 days after the dependent’s record was created.


Documents uploaded outside of this date range will still be accessible from Saved Docs. Additional messaging has also been included to communicate this information to Administrators.

3. HR Taskpad - removed vertical scroll bars

The HR Taskpad utilizes pagination as a way to view large amounts of data. As such, the browser scroll bar is sufficient when reviewing items vertically. The horizontal scroll bars will continue to show when/if necessary.

4. HTML content editor is displaying with overlapping buttons

    • (Part 1 - User Contact, Tip Sheet, Client Content)
    • (Part 2 - All screens NOT User Contact, Tip Sheet, Client Content)

Users expect a consistent reliable experience across browsers. The most recent Chrome release caused some content boxes to overlap and hindered access to crucial controls.  The configuration pages were updated to show the content boxes and controls as expected.

5. Confirmation statement displays incorrect completion status

In addition to benefit elections and per pay deductions, clients use confirmation statements to communicate an employee’s enrollment status. When an enrollment was complete and the elections were selected, the confirmation statement still displayed an incomplete enrollment status. This has been updated so that the online confirmation, email and print versions show the correct wording.

6. MBE "Make Direct Bill" wrong effective date

COBRA Processers rely on the “Make Direct Bill” feature to quickly and efficiently process terminated employees in the system. When a status change was using the current date to create the new benefit class.  If the effective date was retroactive, the wrong benefits and pricing would appear.  Make Direct Bill has been modified in the enhanced version of MBE to use the effective date of the change when creating the new benefit class.  The basic version will be updated shortly.

7. Update entrance of benefits (Issue Age) "Age As Of" function to go back more than current year

We needed a way to hold the age of an enrolled participant constant based on the first date the employee enrolled in the coverage as this could span plan years.  The Entrance of Benefits rule was limited to with the current plan year.  This has been updated to span across plan years.

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