MBE Release Notes | 10.30.19

Posted on November 26, 2019

Winter is (basically) here... and just like the cold temps hit all at once, we're bringing you some hefty My Benefit Express updates and enhancements. 

A lot has happened since our last release in October, and we want to ensure you're armed with everything that's changed...for the better. 

Starting with communications, you'll see an updated dashboard and important updates to the Employee Editor. Next, we tackle ACAManager, which includes improvements that help us to successfully import data. We've also amped up security within MBE and for our client microsites. Finally, MBE product fixes! 

Happy reading! 

Communications to Participants

1. New Dashboard to display jobs in progress and cancel a job

There are times when Benefitexpress employees need to see all the communications jobs in progress or to check on the progress of a job recently submitted.  A new “Background Operations” item has been added to the Tools - Data menu.  It will display all communication jobs in progress and offer the opportunity to filter to a single client.  As the jobs, complete, they will move from the "In Progress" section to the "Completed" section of the page.  If a job was submitted by mistake, the opportunity to Cancel is also available.


2. Employee Editor - feedback from clients, updating logic for pending and failed communications

Displaying all pending and failed communications caused confusion with clients.  We have suppressed any failed communications from displaying, and we are showing pending communications for the past 24 hours.  Admins will have meaningful pending items appearing (including actions that they've taken – e.g. the admin has sent out an email after processing an approval for pending elections), along with communications that have been successfully sent.



1. Updated MBE Push to identify which employees have incorrect waiting periods

When pushing ACA data and including changes since the last push, the system will identify employees that have an incorrect waiting period that could result in incorrect codes on the 1095 form. The report will be generated at the same time as the 5-tab Import file and stored in the same folder.

2. Blank fields should remain null on the Generic File Importer

When importing data using the Generic File Importer, if fields are blank, those fields will now remain blank once the 5-tab file is generated using that same data instead of filing dates with a 1/1/1900 placeholder.

3. Updated the lowercase d in the division column

ACAManager requires specific columns to be named and capitalized exactly in order to successfully import the data so we updated the 5-tab Import file that is generated from MBE to have the correct capitalization in the division column.

Simplify Configuration in MBE

1. Moved v5 configuration links to v4

We have added the v5 configuration links to v4 configuration pages so that implementation specialists can complete client configuration from one location.


2. Reorganized configuration links and removed defunct links and settings

In the interest of saving time and reducing confusion, we have reorganized links on the site so that similar links are appearing together. We have also removed defunct links and settings.


Increased Security within MBE

1. Secured functionality to internal Benefitexpress users

To prevent self-implementers from accessing areas of the site that they should not access, we secured sections to internal Benefitexpress users only.


2. Secured externally administered clients from appearing in internal user drop down lists 

Self-administered clients will no longer appear in Benefitexpress user drop down lists, so that we are not inadvertently changing data for clients we do not administer.  Special rights access can be granted where appropriate.

Security for Microsites

1. Provide the ability for a client administrator to change the password for multiple microsites

Client administrators need the ability to update the password for individual microsites.  With different sites in place for each employee group, we need to ensure that the same password is not being used for more than 1 site and that the most recent password is not being re-used.  An admin interface has been built for this.  Marketing will provide the client with the URL to maintain security on their sites.


Product Fixes


1. Contact Us Removed from Forgot Password Page

When users navigate to the Forgot Password Page, they want assistance regaining access to their account, which is a self-service functionality. The Contact Us feature on the Forgot Password page includes Chat support which is reserved for users that have been authenticated by a Customer Service Representative. Contact Us has been removed so that only authenticated users have immediate access to sensitive information.


2. Blue Prior Election Panel Not Appearing in Enrollment Between Plan Years

Employees rely on MBE to communicate plan information within an enrollment so that they can make an informed decision. When clients configured plan types to alternate each plan year, the system did not display the panel, which shows the election for the previous plan year. This has been updated to display even if a plan type is configured to alternate between plan years.


3. Dependent Age Out (DAO)- Tiers Changing when cleaning audit

When dependents are aged out of benefit coverage, HR Administrators rely on the Dependent Age Out Report to assist with processing the newly ineligible dependent. During the manually Dependent Age Out cleanup process, the system was assigning participants to an incorrect tier.

When dependents have been processed from the Dependent Age Out Report, the system should:

  • Uncheck newly ineligible dependent(s)
  • Term dependent(s) one day prior to the new effective date
  • Update benefit coverage with a new effective date
  • Update the remaining participants on coverages with the new tier


The logic has been updated to automatically default the remaining participants to the next eligible tier and disable the New Tier options.

4. Plan types are being skipped when 'Save and Continue' is clicked multiple times

When users were completing their enrollments, they were clicking the “Save and Continue” button multiple times which caused them to bypass plan types. The button has been disabled until the page has fully loaded which will prevent users from accidentally skipping plan types while electing coverage during an enrollment.


5. Employee Editor (V4) Confirm Link – Update to Pull V5 Confirmation Statement

The V4 Employee Editor enrollment confirm link now launches the V5 confirmation statement.  This will ensure that call center representatives can print or email the current version to participants that call for assistance.

6. User Contact Created when Dependent Status Updated from Taskpad/Employee Editor

Internal users rely on User Contacts to reference in determining when updates occur. Now, when an internal user updates a dependent’s verification status in MBE, a User Contact record is automatically created.



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