MBE Release Notes | 1.9.2019

Posted on January 11, 2019

Bonne année from your MBE Release Notes team! With this new year comes new updates like new language translations, new pop-ups and new dependent verification reasons that continue to enhance the user experience. Keep reading for more details!


1) Oui, cherie! The system has been updated to allow for French translations.

2) The radio buttons used for Communication Preference under the user’s Personal Information profile have been upgraded to a pop-up box.

The new pop-up box allows more information to be relayed to the user regarding their specific preference choices, displaying important warnings depending on the communication type that is chosen.

For example, if the user selects Text/SMS, an alert will pop up only if the field has not been entered, saying "You must enter and validate a SMS/Text number to receive communications in this manner."


3) New Dependent Verification Reasons have been updated in the Mass Communication module to allow the reason of insufficient documentation to auto-populate on communication jobs.

Topics: My Benefit Express