MBE Release Notes | 8.28.2018

Posted on August 28, 2018

 Your latest bi-weekly My Benefit Express™ release notes reveal the launch of a COBRA platform feature that helps streamline the flow of information with a new file converter, along with five additional updates!

New Features:

COBRA Features

As a feature to the upgraded COBRA platform, benefitexpress has created a file converter that allows for the easy flow of information from one platform to the other. Users now have the ability to convert Travis files to the WEX layout with the appropriate code translations.

Additionally, each COBRA client will have a designated DirectBillClientID within MBE that will generate a fluid SSO connection between benefits administration and COBRA administration. Admin users will see a new content zone for the Direct Bill SSO widget on their home page.

AFLAC EOI Survey Questions

Vendor specific questions have been included for employees who enroll in AFLAC coverage that requires an EOI. Information can now be passed to AFLAC electronically, eliminating the need for paper forms.


1) The HR User is able to update the Dependent Verification reason under the HR Taskpad, which will in turn display in the Dependent Data Grid.

2) Within the displayed Library documents, the documents will display as expected, without the inclusion of the form category designated within the system.

3) When a user triggers a Red Alert, that panel is localized to the specific error and page. As such the error will not persist throughout the enrollment pages.

4) When HR is impersonating a user the home page loads as it does when the impersonated user logs in.

5) HR users who have access to the client setup pages can effectively add fields, as well as delete fields when needed.

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