MBE Release Notes | 8.14.2018

Posted on August 15, 2018


This week's My Benefit Express™ release notes reveals eight awesome updates! These updates involve the enrollment confirmation statement, menu language headers, the demographics page, updated logo and colors within BeneFITwise, and so much more.

Keep reading for the full list of updates!


1) When an HR user selects the “Attach Confirmation” box prior to selecting Send Email, a copy of the PDF confirmation statement will automatically attach to the email and a copy will be saved to the user’s account within Saved Docs in a .pdf format.

2) The Enrollment Confirmation Statement has been updated to display credits allocated by the employer at the end of the statement.


3) Additionally, the Credit Questions & Responses will be viewable from the confirmation, similar to the Enrollment Extra Questions.

4) An update was made to the PCP Directory link displayed on the PCP collection page in the enrollment which allows for a functional link to the carrier’s provider directory. 

5) Within MBE, when a user switches their language option, the menu language headers of each of the panels on the plan pages and the confirmation statement should switch accordingly.

6) When updates to the logo and colors are made within BeneFITwise, changes are now displaying accordingly.

7) When updating content for one client in BeneFITwise, the content will only be updated for that client and not impact any others.

8) Within BeneFITwise, the module should automatically determine the user’s family tier based on the people and relationships included in the Demographics page.

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