MBE Release Notes | 7.5.2018

Posted on July 3, 2018

This week, we present two time-saving enhancements made to the My Benefit Express™ platform, including updates to the Quick Look module and new time-saving functionality on the Dependents Page.

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1) Ability for the client to hide the Additional Field's grid in the Quick look Module when the feature is not actively being used.

(As a reminder, the Additional Field's grid was added to allow users to view Custom Field content in the Quick Look module.)

2) To reduce manual processes, we have enhanced the V5 platform to automatically determine if the Dependents Page is needed during enrollment based on the ‘Collect Dependent’ rules associated with the plans available.


UPDATED: When a user goes to change their existing transit election, the default selection will now automatically be displayed upon entry to the page.

UPDATED: If a designated beneficiary is not required by the plan setup the system will allow the beneficiary collection to be optional during enrollment.

UPDATED: Administrators will now be able to view all Follow Up Actions, for which they have administrator access to, under the corresponding tab without issue.


Topics: My Benefit Express